Black S.C. Democrat blasts his party for it's anti-choice position on education

Over 20 years ago, a black female state legislator from Wisconsin helped begin the school choice movement in America by getting legislation passed creating America's first school choice program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her name was Annette Polly Williams and she was a Democrat.

Many communities all over the nation emulated the legislation which Representative Polly Williams passed in Wisconsin. The Republican-controlled Congress allowed up to 1,700 mostly poor black children to attend a private school of their choice as many of Washington's elite -- such as Michelle and Barack Obama -- can afford to do with their two little girls. Ironically, the Obama administration is allowing this outstanding school choice program to expire.

Now, another black legislator, this time in South Carolina, is championing educational choice. State Senator Robert Ford from Charleston County, South Carolina, is blasting his Democratic Party and saying it is not fair that elected politicians can exercise school choice while their constituents have to remain in the failing public schools.

Senator Ford said: "Whatever the amount of money that we spend on a child per year, that money is for the child -- it's not for the school. So if you got a failing school, it simply means that that parent is wasting taxpayer money." Senator Ford also says that parents should be able to use school choice vouchers to send their children to religious schools.

As he excoriates his Democratic Party for being anti-choice in education, Senator Ford said: "I don't understand what the Democratic Party's point is on this. They are definitely on the wrong side of history, and it looks like they're proving it to their more loyal supporters -- African Americans -- that we don't give a bleep about you all's education of your children. That's the honest message they are sending."

He went on to say: "And I hate to say that, but it's loud and clear. And it's about time that everybody wake up and realize what is going on in this country. Particularly with African-Americans who have been loyal to the Democratic Party all these years and the response we get from the United States Senate -- the most important position on this planet -- those Democratic gentlemen voted not to...give those kids in [the District of Columbia] some choices, they have to go to a failing school. Lord have mercy, I can't understand what the world has come to. It don't make no common sense [sic]."

Christian Coalition of America has been a champion for school choice for years, including allowing parents to use their own tax dollars -- now spent on mostly failing public schools -- to attend religious schools as well as other private schools if they wish. Christian Coalition commends the effort which Senator Robert Ford is exerting on behalf of families in South Carolina.

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