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International Christian Broadcaster Earl Cox Comments on Tuesday's Election Results

In an exclusive interview today with the Gospel Station Network, the largest Christian radio network in America, international Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox, called yesterday’s elections “a victory for the American people and also a sign from God that those who touch the Apple of H-s eye, Israel, will not escape H-s wrath.  The results of the election,” said Cox, “should send a loud and clear message to the Obama Administration and the international community that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will not sit idly by and allow H-s people and their land to be uprooted and given to uncivilized barbarians who value death more than life.”

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The media has it all wrong.  They are failing to provide accurate information so it is time it was provided to them.

First of all, the world grieves for the wounded and dead Palestinians but the blame does not belong to Israel – it belongs squarely on the shoulders of Hamas who use their own people as human shields to protect their weapons. Simply stated, Israel uses her weapons to protect her people but Hamas uses their people to protect their weapons.