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MilesTones--Cross Debate Cacophony-Football Players in Lingerie & More

Passionate arguments filled the chambers and hallways of the US Supreme Court yesterday as lawyers clashed with lawyers and judges clashed with each other...all over a little cross that stands in a remote section of The Mojave Desert. The loudest voice heard was the voice of The ACLU.  Sudden Thawt Department:***Two groups especially fear and hate the Cross of Jesus.....Vampires...and...The ACLU.  Can't help but wonder if....could be.  

Since this dispute first started, The ACLU, which is a Communist organization, demanded that until this is settled, the cross must be be covered. And so it came to pass....first with a sack...and then, as it stands currently, covered with plywood so that the dangerous symbol cannot be seen. Which gives a new meaning to 'cross dressing.'

----Obama announced that he may give bailout money for the newspapers of Amerika, which has caused critics to fear that this would give Obama ownership of the media. MilesTones thawt that he already owned them.

*Breaking-Supremes Debating Mojave Cross Case

Today the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments regarding a war memorial cross in a remote area of the Mojave Desert due to a complaint of one man who doesn't even live in the area of the "offensive" cross. He lives in Oregon. The first to report the news from the court is Concerned Women of America, and their press release is below.

The Court and The Cross

Supreme Court to decide fate of Veterans' Cross in Mojave Desert
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 /Christian Newswire/-Today the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in Salazar vs. Buono, better known as the Mojave Desert Cross case. World War I veterans erected a cross 75 years ago on land that was open range to honor those who had died serving America in the war. In 1994, the Clinton Administration federalized the land. The ACLU sued to remove the cross, which is literally in a desert and difficult to find, on behalf of a former National Park Service worker who lives in Oregon. The case will impact all "religious displays" on federal land.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, stated at a press conference:

"The cross is the most profound symbol of the most humble act of service-to lay down one's life for another. It was veterans who chose the cross to symbolize the service of their brothers and sisters in the military who laid down their lives to keep our country free.

Tomorrow Supremes Debate Crosses Removal Plan

A news conference of lawyers and Christian Leaders took place this morning at 11 AM (EST) at the Faith and Action Ministry House in Washington, D.C. to discuss the case coming before the United States Supreme Court tomorrow morning (Wednesday). This is the case the ACLU has been salivating over since its founding. The intention of the case is to force America to tear down all crosses in public view, including crosses in National Cemeteries.

 A lot of thought went into how to pull off this case. The Marxists-atheists went after a cross that has stood for 75 years (without incident) in a remote area of the Mojave Desert as a War Memorial. The ACLU recruited one man to complain about the cross. That is all it took. One complaint from one individual and the case was filed and will now be heard by the Supreme Court to decide if the cross is in violation of the Constitution.

 The constitutionality of a Memorial Cross in tribute to America's fallen heroes must be debated in a court room?....based on a complaint by one person who probably does not even live in the area?  And if the Communists win this case of the little cross that could in the desert, it will pave the way for every visible cross in America to be torn down. That is how law works.

It's a New World

With their meticulously clean weaponry shining underneath the sun, China kicked off its momentous celebration, marking the 60th year of communist rule. The pride beamed off their soldiers determined faces, without uttering a word, they convincingly said, " We are powerful, fierce, and growing; we will not be messed with." Perhaps the most interesting fact would be, only through China's toes in the waters of capitalism, have they been able to engineer such massive strength.

Along with the Chinese, the Russians are exercising their military prowess and pumping up their prideful nationalism. Our liberals can only lustfully stare at the progress of these two up and coming meniscus; their liberals rest quietly with bullets in their heads or in prison along side suffering Christians, being tortured and humiliated for their belief in God over government.

Pedaling Away Our Freedom

To what extent does a school's authority extend beyond the school yard?

A Saratoga Springs, NY seventh grader may help formalize these boundaries.

According to, a state trooper interdicted the lad at Maple Avenue Middle school, informing that biking and even walking to school were against the rules. 

A school might discourage biking to school by refusing to provide accommodations such as storage facilities and might even prevent pupils from perambulating away from the premises in the evening unaccompanied by an adult. 

But on what legal ground can they decree by which mode of locomotion students arrive for instruction unless there is a formalized legislative statute banning those of a certain age from utilizing public sidewalks irrespective of destination? 

Perhaps the greatest issue of concern here is law enforcement being summoned to enforce the policy whim of bureaucrats in jurisdictions beyond their stipulated purview. 

For if this is not stopped now, what is to prevent educators by threatening through the barrel of the gun upon which police decisions ultimately rely from deciding what else goes on while your children are in your own care such as what they eat, what they watch on TV, and even what you as a parent are permitted to believe in terms of politics and religion?

By Frederick Meekins



To Our Prayer Partners,

With very heavy hearts, the Christian Coalition of America led by our President Roberta Combs and her staff, ask each of you to please set aside a special time today to pray for the devastation that continues to affect Indonesia, the loss of hundreds of lives, homes, buildings, villages and the list goes on and on. Please lift up the Philippines and any damage there.

Pray for the people and especially the leaders as they make decisions about the future of their country and our Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord. Ask the Lord to dwell in the midst of the people and give them His wisdom in the restoration that will follow this disaster.

Pray that many will find Jesus Christ as they ponder what has happened to their country and loved ones. Our God is the God of all comforts. Isaiah 61:2b (KJV) says He is our God that "comforts all who mourn".  "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted" - Matthew 5:4 (KJV).  Pray the Lord will visit the hurting with His comfort and love in an amazing way.

We want each of you to know how thankful we are for your dedication, that you are a mighty force in the success of this organization, the healing of our nation and restoration to the world as we join our prayers together and reach out to others around the globe in prayer.  "For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth: the poor also, and him that hath no helper." - Psalm 72:12 (KJV)

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Regulations Mistakenly Hogtie Trichloroethylene


Trichloroethylene (TCE) has taken a bad rap as of late. But, is it justified knowing all the other hazardous chemicals used much more often? In the writer's immediate area--1 mile from a CTS electroplating site-which was shut down in 1986 (23 years ago). It has been labeled a Superfund RCRA Site due to trichloroethylene groundwater contamination. Maybe our houses should be labeled Superfund Sites as well.

Most chemical sites receive the Superfund label if they have disposed of hazardous chemicals improperly. Those chemicals are also flammable, toxic, or corrosive. But if one takes a normal hairspray that usually contains dimethyl ether (DME) as a propellant, one must think about the typical breathing amounts inhaled.

A typical dose of DME usually exceeds breathing at least 500 parts per million (ppm) for the person applying the hairspray-that's 0.05 volume % for a short period of time. The Material Safety Data Sheet reveals that for a mouse, the lethal concentration for a 15 minute interval with DME is 386ppm. We also know the flash point of DME to be minus 41oC-the temperature at which it will ignite by having a small flame available. We just have to remember never to hairspray for longer than 15 minutes, or to have a small flame in the room.

New Definition of Terrorism Means More Deaths


First, they closed Abu Ghraib (Iraq) in 8/06. Then they decided to "Mirandize" any terrorist prisoners. Then they decided that because of the Abu Ghraib and like scandals, many of the terrorist prisoners should be released. Then they decided that every terrorist prisoner should be afforded all those rights that American citizens now get if they're apprehended.

Some believe we most likely will never have any terrorist problems again...

According to the AP in, the % of terrorism cases that federal prosecutors have declined to pursue has recently grown from 31 to 73%. Many terrorists go free because the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) claims they don't have enough evidence to convict, and we are violating their civil rights. They seem to forget it was these terrorists responsible for the 3000 deaths on 9/11.

AP reports that almost 6000 of almost 8900 terrorism cases between 2004 and 2008 were closed with no action. According to the data, the cases brought by investigators were often based on weak or insufficient admissible evidence, lacked criminal intent, or did not constitute a criminal offense.

Late Night Cap of News Bits

This past weekend, Germany celebrated the 20th anniversay of the fall of the Berlin Wall, calling the event, "Unity Day." The celebration included giant marionettes tramping around the German Capitol for three days with each one representing an experience of the Wall. This is not a big deal for MilesTones. We've had marionettes tramping around and through the Capitol in Washington D.C. since the Carter administration......the only difference, our marionettes are not giants.  And then, there was this last week...  

Whoopie Goldberg, who is billed as a comedienne put the Roman Polanski rape of a 13 year old girl in the intellectual capacity that can only be found on the TV time killer, "The View."

Polanski is the film director of such films as, "Rosemary's Baby," a satanic story of a woman being impregnated by the devil, and "The Taxi Driver," about an older man's sex with an underage girl, played by Jodi Foster, who later came out as a lesbian (AAAAARGH!!! I can't take much more!  Enough already!)  And Hollywood, that sets the moral standards of America, is throwing in its weight to get the pedophile director off the hook. "Free him now," they scream.

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Carbon Dioxide Turns Out To Be a Savior


Thought to be the demonic cause of anthropogenic global warming, CO2 has literally been taking all the heat lately. With CO2 concentrations pushing the 400 ppm range as of late, manmade global warmers believe they have the perfect scapegoat for dreaded global warming. If they're wrong, then the earth won't fry, there won't be incredulous risings of the sea and torrential floods, and life on earth will not come to a screeching halt.

Christopher Monckton (Brenchley) has written "Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered", which explains CO2 concentrations over the last 6 million years. As a member of the IPCC and APS (American Physical Society), Monckton puts CO2 concentration and temperature on the same scale which few have been able to do. The chart can be found as Figure #7 three quarters into his article, called Fluctuating CO2 But Stable Temperature for 600m Years.

In Correlation Falsification: The Missing Global Warming - CO2 Link ..., Noel Sheppard illustrates how CO2 is ~380 ppm (parts per million) now, and how it has never affected temperatures in the recent Past.