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Iron Dome May Not Be Enough
Date Mid-20th century[1] – present
Main phase: 1964–1993
Location Israel
State of Palestine

Status Israeli–Palestinian peace process
low-level fighting, mainly between Israel and Gaza

changes Establishment and dissolution of Palestinian administration (1948–1959) in Gaza
Jordanian annexation of the West Bank (1948–1967)
Occupation of West Bank and Gaza by Israel in 1967
Transition of "A" and "B" areas from Israeli Civil Administration to the Palestinian National Authority in 1994–95
Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005

Lately Israel has been relying on their “Iron Dome” for protection against those who want to destroy the country. Namely Hamas—terrorists who are major obstacles between the Israelis and Arabian people living in Israel. Disputes between Israelis and Palestinians began in the mid-20th century.

Much water has passed under the bridge since then, but there’s still no peace. The Iron Dome has protected civilians in Israel from Hamas' rockets. Instead of a huge impenetrable shield built over Israel, the shield is a battery of rockets set to destroy any incoming Hamas rockets. To date, 90 percent of incoming Gaza rockets have been intercepted by this shield.

Phone Scammers Target Injured Veterans!

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Phone Scammers Target Injured Veterans!

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Evolutionists Outraged At County Fair Creation Science Displays

The July 2014 cover story of Earth: The Magazine Of The American Geosciences Institute warns “Creationism Comes To The County Fair'.

It is further cautioned “County fairs have proved good places for creationists to reach captive audiences”.

But aren't these venues less captive than those in which evolutionists purvey their own propaganda?

For example, no one is forced to attend the county fair.

However, unless a child's parents are able to scrimp together the tuition necessary to finance private education or are talented enough to educate their own children through homeschool, the vast majority of students will be bombarded by public school indoctrination where the science curriculum exudes doctrinaire Darwinism.

Secondly, if you attend the county fair and an offensive both grabs your attention, you are free to speed by.

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Cover of New Book
Cover of New Book by Rev. Austin Miles

Thinking Puts Dark Matter In A Whole New Perspective

The beans have been spilled. Cosmology gets its deserving attention. It’s now realized in all scientific circles, dark energy [2] does exist in our galaxy. Knowing it makes up 80 percent of our universe, the next question is “where is it?”


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Tony LaRussa Inducted Into MLB Hall of Fame
Photo Courtesy of Jim McCasaac-Getty Images

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