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Voters regardless of political affiliation

August 29, 2008

obama and oprah

we need to really pray long and hard.....oprah on stage last night with obama ,,she does not believe in jesus...god please hear our cries

McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate

August 27, 2008 The Weekly Standard reports: McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate


Voters and Evangelical supporters alike are rightfully jumping ship,
as McCain is willing to elect a Vice President who condones free choice
in the murdering unborn children!

Obama on Gay Rights--What he Did Not Tell Pastor Rick Warren's Church

This has got to be the biggest story in this election cycle that has
NOT been told yet. Most Americans seem unaware that Senator Obama
endorses an extreme homosexual rights agenda. For the most part, the
only groups that seem to be aware of this are the gays. Try a simple
Google search for "Obama LGBT Rights" and you'll see what I mean.
Dozens of gay groups, including some with large followings, are openly
celebrating Obama's candidacy, while many conservative, pro-family or
Christian organizations are seemingly unaware of Obama's stand on these

Latest poll

I noticed that in the "latest poll" the results of 'what is most important to you' are headed in the right direction, but I think we should focus on the one specific area that controls the rest.


If we fail to maintain a favorable majority in the judiciary all other efforts will be moot. Like it or not, the judiciary is the governmental branch that controlls the direction of the Nation. It wasn't designed that way but has mutated to the present abboration of the Constitution.

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Fairness Doctrine Version 2.0

We've all heard about the possibility of the federal government getting involved in controlling the airwaves and dictating exactly what kind of speech can be broadcast and to exactly what degree, by way of the Fairness Doctrine. To the greatest degree, most of the press has been given to this movement's efforts to regulate the airwaves on television and the radio to ensure that 'equal time' is given to 'both sides' of every issue.

But, as is pointed out by Jeff Poor of The Business & Media Institute, those efforts to dictate content could even go so far as controlling the messages embodied within websites of various causes, as well!

Marriage amendment stays on CA ballot

File this under "doing the right thing for a change":

Back to the peanut patch

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is an American embarrassment. He incessantly yearns to be an important player on the world’s stage. Boiled down to the bone, he has been a dismal failure in almost everything he has attempted.

While in the United States Navy he aspired to submarine command. When more qualified candidates prevailed he returned to the peanut farm.

The one place he could get his way was in his hometown church. As the “head deacon” in his Baptist church he pulled rank over all the other deacons and often made the lives of his pastors unbearably difficult. As long as they did as he ordered – all went well. One of his pastors with whom I spent several days, referred to him as a very arrogant and deceptive deacon.

Sow to the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

The four decades-old seeds of Values Clarification (revision of family values) and Situational Ethics (nothing is right or wrong, depends on the situation) sown in the Public School have germinated and burst forth with fruit that manifests itself in a steadily corrupting culture. Biblical standards of morality for our youth, embodied in the Ten Commandments, have been replaced with a “feel good” no holes-barred agenda. Evangelists for America’s united church-state religion, Secular Humanism, have sullied the innocence of an entire generation of young people. Hardcore fundamentalists in that church have driven tested morality from the classroom and left our youth adrift in a roiling sea of Hollywoodish immorality.


My father was a sharecropper all the days of my life until I graduated High School and a few years beyond. When I was six years old we lived in a simple four-room bungalow, complete with a storm house and an out-house, nestled next to a beautiful lake. Except for the lake our farm house was surrounded by woods. It was an idyllic setting for a bare-foot boy with a fishing pole.