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Vote Your Conscience

Millions watch Obama and McCain answer to a recent 60 Minutes program

The undecided are beginning to weigh in after Obama's interview on 60 Minutes. Steve Kroft's interview with Obama spoke volumes of his inability to stay the course when pressured to answer the many questions. One such question was, what qualifies him to be the President? The young man showed to be nervously distressed as he awkwardly struggled to answer without the aid of his notebook or teleprompter, but eventually referred to his beliefs...?! Questions concerning America's problems were never found in Obama, as he clumsily danced his way through the questions as an unprepared student. Will American really swallow Obama's hype when we need definitive answers that can only come from GOD?

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The Need to Speak

I have a seperate blog that I do for our church people and those who may be on the outside looking in. What I have discovered in that our church people respond more often when I talk about politics & social issues than on anything else. It's sad that there are laws in place that limit what Pastor's can say from the pulpit.

It doesn't make much sense does it? When I say that I'm pro-God, life, America, fair tax, gun, etc. it seems to me that the direction is clear. These issues are spiritual issues for those of us who make all decisions based upon the convictions we hold. Too many people in the church are selling their birthright for a bowl of this world's soup when they vote economy over morality.

New Formula

At the turn of the 20th century, rhetoric was a discipline recognized by many educational institutions not only for its importance in helping individuals get a point across in casual conversation but, also as a tool for advertising, and social influence through the new and ubiquitous radios and, later, television. This tool was widely used but the term "rhetoric" and its educational departments gradually and silently amalgamated into marketing, general philosophy, ethics, sociology and theology. The ideas were the same but the language to describe this form of persuasion had changed. This is recontextualization.

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An E-Mail I recieved

I had this in my in box today - I read it because I was curious, and did not know the leaning of the person sending it. I will paste it below, and put in my thoughts following. Also I am replying on this and breaking my rule of "checking out the accuracy" of it, but my reaction to it is still valid. I can see how the Democrats would think this was a great way to show the strength of there choice.

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Banking 201 - How to Make Money by Going Broke

In a previous post entitled “Banking 101" (link below) I explained that the U.S. banking industry engages in fractional banking. This means that only a small amount of the money “deposited” in a bank is required to be kept in the bank’s vault. Most of the money is loaned to other customers.

When a customer obtains a loan - let’s say for $1,000 - the bank records the amount of that loan as an asset because the bank will collect interest on the loan. The amount of the loan - $1,000 -is also recorded as a liability by the bank because the money is now in “circulation.” The banks “books” are in “balance” (pay-out of $1,000 equals the loan asset of $1,000).

Morals Under Fire and Sarah is the Target

Morals Under Fire and Sarah is the Target

Since the day Sarah Palin was introduced as McCain's running mate there have been countless offensive attacks on her. The left mocks her words, distorts her character and appearance, and blatantly lies about her.

Sarah Palin and the Queen of Persia

Sarah Palin and the Queen of Persia

Esther, an ordinary Jewish girl whom God used to to extraordinary things.

Sarah Palin, an ordinary mom whom God had called at an extraordinary time.

Xerxes had been celebrating, feasting, drinking, and showing off for more than 180 days. To impress his drunk friends he commanded his wife, Queen Vashti, to come into their presence to let the drunk men to enjoy her beauty. She refused. He was furious and his officials told him to ban her from the palace forever.

Banking 101 - How to Make Money Out of Nothing

The federal reserve is a bank for bankers. It is a central bank just as The Bank of England is a central bank for the United Kingdom. The federal reserve is, in fact, the third central bank which has plagued the citizens of the United States. Both of the others were dismantled because they destroyed the nation’s money through inflation.

The primary function of the federal reserve is to create money. If a U.S. government security for $1,000 is held by the federal reserve it can then have the Treasury Department to print $1,000 worth of federal reserve notes which Treasury then gives to the federal reserve.

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Proud to be a part of the Religous Right!

As I enter this new blogging station (if you will) I want to say that I am proud to be a part of the religous right. Why? Because I think we are right!

This is not a time to apologize for our faith. This is not a time to shrink back on matters that matter. It's time for people of faith to allow their voices to be heard. It's time to forget that age old saying "There are two things you never talk about..." If we fail to talk about religion then we fail to get the gospel to those who need to hear. If we fail to talk about politics then our silence leads the world to believe that we go along with everything they do and say.

I look forward to sharing with you all and joining this fight for the soul of America.

What are we doing?

What in the world are we doing? Have we really gotten this far away from where we started in this country. Does anybody remember where we started as a country. There was a time when the words "In God we Trust" actually meant something. Now those words are apparently offensive to most people. It pains me to know that people take offense to trusting in God. I cant believe we have went from a time when we as acountry were thanking God for bringing us to this great land to now we are telling God no thanks we dont want you here anymore. Talk about forgetting where we came from! I am tired of hearing people talk like this. I am tired of lawmakers that do nothing more than increase tolerance of alternative lifestyles while taking away the rights of God fearing people.