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Judiciary controls all other issues

Although I am adamently opposed to abortion, gay marriage, embyonic stem cell research, etc. the most important issue of the election is the judiciary. It is the Supreme Court that rules on these issues, and lower courts as well. We can try to get rid of the immorality by legislation, but then the Court will rule on it. It is vitally important that conservative (and please Lord, Christian) judges be appointed at all levels of the judiciary. Think about that when you cast your vote! Hopefully these leaders will also be pro-life all the way and straight!

Help me answer a liberal friend

I'm at a loss. I have a liberal friend from church (a very conservative Christian church!) and she says the abortion debate doesn't hold her back from voting Democrat because "we've had a pro-life President in the White House for 8 yrs. and nothing has changed anyway, so why shouldn't we focus on the real issues like 'what Jesus' would do with health care for all, peace in the world, taking care of the environment...." I need to find a website that spells it out for me - Does "Christian" equal Republican? Why specifically? How can we answer these types of questions? I have another liberal friend that says "abortion" isn't in the Bible and the verses used by conservatives are taken out of context.

Voter registration

I want to encourage all who read these blogs to set up a voter registration table. At your church or super market wherever you feel comfortable. I ran mine at our church and recieved great response and people were so glad to have some clarification on issues. So get goin, it is so easy.

Bailout concerns

I am concerned about the decision to bailout all these finacial institutions. I know ultimately God is in control however he wants us to use the wisdom He gave us. Is theis the best for our contry?


Liberal Media

To say the media coverage of the Republican candidates is unfair, equates to calling the housing crisis a bit disturbing. I am not sure which is more appalling, the blatantly biased media, or the people who believe it. Modern journalism is the most dangerous medium on Earth, anybody who argues that, just might be a fool. Time and time again the media can be counted on to down play conservative achievements and kneel to the alter of liberalism. What if their new
empty suit, Barack Obama, was a conservative?

When Barack Obama referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person the gutless American media timidly raised it's head, then quickly inserted it back to the bottom of McCain's trash barrell shlepping for dirt. If Obama had been a conservative, journalist would march out of the wood work, interviewing everyone from his kindergarten classmates to his poor old grandmother.

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GOP Leader John Boehner Announces That Republican Whip Will Represent the House GOP During Ongoing Economic Discussions

Today, the leader of the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives announced that the House Republican Whip, Roy Blunt from Missouri, will represent the interests of the Republicans in the House whose views on the solutions to our current economic crisis are supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people.

Why believe everything?

No doubt the news media is a poor tool for seeking the best
information on any subject. A mistake commonly made, and to the media's
advantage, is the assumption on the part of the viewer that the viewer
is getting a balanced story. This usually couldn't be further from the

If you are upset with the recent polls referenced by the
media then you are letting yourself get upset with one poll from one
media source. Is it correct? Does it represent the American people? Is
it valid, reliable, and balanced? Chances are probably not. Please
don't make the mistake of assuming, like most, that what you see or
hear is reality. What we really are seeing is the news corporation's
efforts to make things reality by advertising them to you.

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McCain puts American's before Political telepromters and one-liners. PRAY it works!

John McCain has
"suspended" his campaign to address the crisis on Wallstreet that is
sucking Main Street down thru the manhole cover to the sewers.

If this doesn't get the rapt attention of the "non-committed"
voters, nothing will.

If someone is still "non-committed" at this point, then
one would think that their priorities are out of alignment and that means,
money is always their
first priority.


Allow me to admit that I'm completely frustrated at the news today that Obama has gone back up in the polls. What's frustrating is listening to the reporters on major networks ask "Why do you think that is?" Why doesn't someone stand up and say "It's because of you!"?

There is no doubt that NBC is for Obama - but I would also submit that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, & Headline News are as well. The only fair reporting we get comes out of Fox News. So if the normal person in our community watches the news they will see and hear great reporting for Obama and negative reporting on McCain & Palin. Is it any wonder that some of these polls show an increase in support nationally for Obama?

Our livilihoods

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