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Supreme Court Judge Charles T. Wells

Please send information about the Supreme Court Judge Charles T. Wells from FL. I need the information for my mom a FL resident.

A Wasted Vote?

A Wasted Vote
by Chuck Baldwin

The View Joy Behar with Sarah Pallin had aborted her newborn!!!

ABC Spokesperson Wished Sarah Pallin had Killed her Newborn!

The Change of Fools?

My name is Calvin. I am new to blogs so hopefully no blog etiquette is being broken here. I recently ran across an interesting video on Youtube that I though people here would be interested in. The part I found most interesting was near the end when the question posed was:

"The treatment of God and our traditions by government has certainly changed over the years. Is this the change of fools?"

Cost of staying in Iraq

Yea it is ridiculas for the Senate to vote to not support the troops. In fact it is riciculas to keep them over in Iraq. We are paying the price right now in this country for George Bush blatant stubborness to keep them over there. You people were mislead into believing everything George Bush has told. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing! He has had a hand in bankrupting this country. Our own country has gone down the drain and we still want to pump money over there! Iraq now has a surplus and we are dang near bankrupt. People are losing their homes....I hope you people realize that the crisis with the sub prime loans is only about roughly 6% of the mortgages...That tells me there is a BIGGER problem than that.

Prayer for our Country

Hello Everyone...

I urge all of us to start praying as a group to save our nation. Our country was founded in the name of God and we have become a very powerful nation. If we allow our leaders to take God out of our country, then we are headed for one of the greatest falls of nation ever seen in the history of the world. We have to ask God to step in and save us from our own self destruction. It is time Christians stood up for God. Without Him we are nothing. Let's spread the word and start a nationwide prayer. We need to strengthen the voice of Christians so we will be heard. Let's fight for God. Remember: United we stand...Divided we fall.

Note* When people ask me who I am going to vote for...I always answer...Jesus!

What will it take?

America Need's Prayer:

IN times like these we need to make sure we are a voice of incouragement and not negatives. I know there sre many voices clamoring to be heard in this election and in the economy. I want to be one who says this is the greatest country in the world she is going through some tough times but she will come back. I am praying for this country of ours and ask all who read this to pray to. When voices of wisdom prevail a country will prosper.


Help the Gators

Well,we had our finance meeting at Glenwood Gators for parents and staff. Things are not looking good. The parents have been asked to contribute another $500 to help with the general fund. This is on top of tuition. This is the only private christian school in the area. We owe $800,000 on our Lower School Multi-purpose building and can only pay the interest. I am asking that my fellow christians help us out by donating money to keep this school open. An account has been set up at Paypal under the name [email protected]. I know if just each christian would give just $1 this building could be paid off and we will not be forced to close. I thank all of you and may God bless all of you.

Sarah Palin

I have been following the news on all the major networks. I am very disappointed in the coverage. Gov. Palin has been down played as not being crediable, or ready to lead this country. It's time that the news media stops it's blitz on Sarah Palin and start reporting what is not only news but believable news. Bonnie2