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Where has George W. Bush gone wrong

When President Bush was put into office nearly eight years ago conservatives were delighted to see the change that was coming to the White House.  Many believed that President Bush would help drive the conservative movement forward to new heights.  At first President Bush appeared to be the one to fulfill this as he took charge of the War on Terror and signed into law a bill that banned partial birth abortions.  So where did he and the Republician Congress go wrong?

Faith Films

A film, by Atelier Pictures, of hope and change has just been released on DVD: The Ballad of Dorothy Dunn. The director, P.T. Gray, explores an original expressionistic narrative style to convey the themes of fundamental faith and devotion to humanity, through service, love, and activism. Dorothy Dunn is an inspirational Catholic worker, who is a cross between Father Daniel Berrigan and Mother Theresa. The story of Dunn was inspired by the travails and epiphany of Dorothy Day: Founder of the Catholic Workers Party. A must see for the faithful Christian. Ballad is an inspirational piece of art for individuals and community groups.

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Veterans Day

What's in Store for Palin's Political Future?

I truly believe that Sarah Palin will play a major role in helping to shape the direction of the Republican party if she so decides to remain engaged at the national level.  I truly believe that she will remain at the forefront not because of her being picked as the Vice President Elect, but because of her personal convictions and how those convictions will drive her to want to help bring reform back to the party.

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Mission Complete



Col. Ted W. Guy, Never Forgotten

Col. Ted W. Guy 


From a friend and former Green Beret (Vietnam)  - a man who has two sons in service in harms way ( both Green Berets )  If we were not so busy whining about circumstance prior to the election, and organizing around a person who truely shares our values, the table may have been turned and One Nation Under God would have retained its meaning and promise to our Father, that He would forever be our head.  God Bless all..

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Will the Church Grow Under Pres. Obama?


I do believe that the church will make strides in realizing what we are up against.  I do believe that President elect Obama has been able to mislead people in who he truly is because of the efforts of the major media's work in hiding his true colors.  Once the cover is peeled back and people begin to see him for what he is representing, the church will unite in a way we have not seen since the days of the Clinton Adminstration. 

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Look to the Future

Before Ronald Reagan took office the fairness doctrine was already in place and was used to help control the conservative movement in check.  Remember at this point in time people like Rush Limbaugh did not dominate the nations airwaves as is the case today.  But when Reagan was able to defeat this legislation the door cracked open and we as conservatives have not looked back. 

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Well, thanks to the many ignorant twenty-somethings who elected him because of his Hollywood “rock star” image and smooth talk, we now have a far left/liberal/socialist/secular progressive running this country of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Cindy Sheehan.What these young voters do not seem to understand is that the modern Democratic Party is not the same party that was once familiar to their parents and grandparents.When Lyndon Johnson took office in 1963, in order

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My son Josh

When I became pregnant with my son I was on welfare, and getting a devorce Some tried to get me to have a abortion Im so glad I didnt He was always a good boy,never any trouble,he was always handsome, and wonderful, funloveing, as a small child he was the cutest of all. I always have and always will love him dearly In fact before he was born God came to me speaking to me like God in the" ten commandments "movie and said "take care of this boy Hell be a good boy and take care of you" I dont need to be taken care of now but God was right as he always is My son would be willing to do this  He went to college and is now a teacher Hes the best  from Marcia Jaimee Boyd

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