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There’s No Such Thing as a “Self-Radicalized” Islamic Terrorist

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Each of these incidents have been described as being carried out by a “self-radicalized” lone wolf terrorist.

Yet there is no such thing, and the label, more than mere semantics, trivializes and belies the reality we face.

In each of these instances, individuals who have prominently displayed their radical Islamic jihadist ideology on their social media or in other ways have undertaken horrific terrorist acts on prominent symbols of the West, soldiers and police officers.

ACLJ petition - Not One More Dime for Persecution

ACLJ started a petition 8 days ago to end the giving tax dollars to nations that pesecute Christians.

Eight billion dollars.That's roughly the amount of money U.S. taxpayers have paid Pakistan as it persecutes Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to die for her faith.

The petition is online here

Chimps Made a Monkey Out of Me

Secret In American LNG Oil/Gas Plants

St. Gabriel, Louisiana (7000 people), will probably be one of the next Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, exporting facilities. LNG is basically natural gas that is cooled and liquefied.

The U.S. will use it, and at least another 21 plants planned to be built by 2020, and ramp-up to the largest world exporter of oil and gas.


Covert construction sites will generate over $100 billion for thousands of people here in this country.

Abolishing Death Penalty for Animals


North Carolina Holds Key To Elections


Senate About To Go  RepublicanWith the Associated Press now reporting a sub-glacial eruption of Bardarbunga has already begun and lava from the eruption melting the ice of Iceland’s largest glacier, the Vatnajokull glacier, the entire region has been struck by thousands of earthquakes in the past week alone.

A majority senator outcome would give pro-lifers the ability to remove pro-abortion obstructionist Sen. Harry Reid from the majority leader position. Having a Republican leader will allow pro-life legislation to be considered on the Senate floor for the first time in years.

Islam-Religion of Peace? Read the Book!!

Islam-Religion of Peace? Read the Book!!
by Rev. Austin Miles

To KNOW what a religion is about, read their ‘sacred’ book. If you do not, you can be caught totally unprepared for destructive surprises such as September 11, 2001. One must study and be aware to recognize and stop a possible enemy.

WW II Vet's Letter to Obama


The Rise Of Isamic Terrorism

Islamic Terrorism Inevitable

The German Chancellor, Australia's and Spain’s ex-prime ministers, two British Prime Ministers, and UK leader Nigel Farage have all warned of homegrown Islamic terrorism in their countries.

Obama compromised America allowing “radical Islamists” access to the White House, per the Investigative Project on Terrorism. They reported “scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.”

"Strangest" Little Known Major League Catcher

"Strangest" Little Known Major League Catcher 
by Rev.Austin Miles