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Russia Could Fight War Over Wrangel Island

Worth Of Wrangel Island

Few realize the value of Wrangel Island. Location, location, location—the realtor credo--optimum for any piece of property. Wrangel Island is a frozen, almost uninhabited wasteland island in the Arctic Ocean. It’s 90 miles north of Siberia and 300 miles northwest of Point Hope, Alaska, and only as large as Delaware and Rhode Island, combined.

Wrangel by itself is of almost no economic worth. But its huge importance is starting to be realized. It‘s the closest land to a vast amount of the Arctic Ocean. Estimations now are the Arctic is estimated to hold 25 percent of the world's recoverable oil and gas. And America has just recently vaulted into the world’s lead as the major oil and gas producer.


Senate Chaplain's Censored 9/11 Prayer

Senate Chaplain's Censored 9/11 Prayer
by Rev. Austin Miles

ISIS-Islam-The Koran and 9/11

Sea Ice Integral In Determining If 'AGW' Occurring

Many were touting purported Arctic sea ice-melt as the surging sign of Anthropogenic Global Warming, or AGW.  Brian Sussman, "ClimateGate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the ... scam of AGW fanatics. Sussman describes how nobody officially measured Arctic ice until satellites became available in 1979.


Cal Gov Slips $1.6 BILLION to Common Core Promoters

Where Are Obama's Girlfriends?

Where Are Obama’s Girlfriends?
by Rev. Austin Miles

Obama Vacations While Marine Rots in Mexican Jail!

Brazuca Ball Catapults World Cup Play

How do you say it—it’s all in the ball!  With soccer, or “futbol” as it’s called in every other major country but the U.S., the sport has become duly recognized as one of the major sports after viewing the 2014 World Cup.

Military Nixes (Legal) Marijuana on Bases

Military Nixes (Legal) Marijuana on Bases

BOOK REVIEW: God Laughed