Christian Radio Contacts

Use the Christian Radio Contact List below to contact Christian broadcasters to help distribute the 2014 Christian Coalition Voter Guides.


WIZB Abbeville [email protected]
WQSB Albertville [email protected]
WSTF Andalusia [email protected]
WGRW Anniston [email protected]
WAGG Birmingham [email protected]
WLJR Birmingham [email protected]
WDPT Decatur [email protected]
WMBV Dixons Mill [email protected]  
WTBB Gadsden [email protected]
WFBH Hamilton [email protected]
WAYH Harvest [email protected]
WEUP Huntsville [email protected]
WJOU Huntsville [email protected]
WVMB Madison [email protected]
WBHY Mobile [email protected]
WAQG Ozark [email protected]
WJCK Piedmont [email protected]
WBTG Sheffield [email protected]
WYEA Sylacauga [email protected]
WQRX Valley Head [email protected]



ATB                    Anchorage [email protected]
KAFC Anchorage [email protected]
KIAM Nenana                      
[email protected]  
KICY Nome [email protected]
KJNP Nome [email protected]
KRSA Petersburg [email protected]
KUDU Tok [email protected]



KAPR Tucson [email protected]
KPXQ Phoenix [email protected]
KJAA Tucson [email protected]
KNLB Lake Havasu [email protected]
KNOG Nogales [email protected]
KXEG Phoenix [email protected]
KKNT Phoenix [email protected]
KGCB Prescott [email protected]
KNXN Tucson [email protected]
KTBA Window Rock [email protected]
KGMS Tucson [email protected]
KCFY Yuma [email protected]



KBHN Booneville [email protected]
KKSP Bryant [email protected]
KAOW Fort Smith [email protected]
KZKZ Fort Smith [email protected]
KPZK Little Rock [email protected]
KCMH Mountain Home [email protected]



KFSH Anaheim [email protected]
KNDL San Francisco [email protected]
KCHP Arcata [email protected]
KLFF San Luis Obispo [email protected]
KBRT Los Angeles [email protected]
KWTW Bishop [email protected]
KMRO Los Angeles [email protected]
WGIC Corona [email protected]
KRDU Visalia [email protected]
KKMC Monterey [email protected]
KAXL Bakersfield [email protected]
KGBA Victor Valley [email protected]
KTYM Los Angeles [email protected]
KWTM Bishop [email protected]
KTLW Los Angeles [email protected]
KKLA Los Angeles [email protected]
KRLA Los Angeles [email protected]
KXMX Los Angeles [email protected]
KAMB Merced [email protected]
KADV Merced [email protected]
KDAR Oxnard [email protected]
KHCS Palm Springs [email protected]
KKXX Chico [email protected]
KNLF Quincy [email protected]
KVIP Redding [email protected]
KTIE Riverside [email protected]
KCBQ San Diego [email protected]
KFAX San Francisco [email protected]
KYCC Stockton [email protected]
KDUV Visalia [email protected]
KARM Visalia [email protected]
KJSM Yucca Valley [email protected]



KTLF/KTLC Colorado Springs [email protected]
KZNT Colorado Springs [email protected]
KJOL Grand Junction [email protected]
KLDC Denver [email protected]
KNUS Denver [email protected]
KJOL Grand Junction [email protected]
KGFT Colorado Springs [email protected]



WIHS Hartford [email protected]
WJMJ Bloomfield [email protected]
WCSE Uncasville [email protected]



WHIM Apopka [email protected]
WZNZ Jacksonville [email protected]
WRMB Boynton Beach [email protected]
WLVJ Boynton Beach [email protected]
WJIS Bradenton [email protected]
WAKU Tallahassee [email protected]
WREH Miami [email protected]
WLJU Port Orange [email protected]
WKIQ Orlando [email protected]
WJYO Fort Myers [email protected]
WFBU Graceville [email protected]
WLVF Lakeland [email protected]
WAPN Daytona Beach [email protected]
WZAZ Jacksonville [email protected]
WCRJ Jacksonville [email protected]
WCGL Jacksonville [email protected]
WOLR Lake City [email protected]
WKES Lakeland [email protected]
WLMS Tampa [email protected]
WTYS Marianna [email protected]
WCIF Melbourne [email protected]
WCPL Merritt Island [email protected]
WKAT Miami [email protected]
WMBM Miami Beach [email protected]
WSRX Naples [email protected]
WGCX Navarre [email protected]
WLPJ New Port Richie [email protected]
WJLU New Smyrna Beach [email protected]
WHIJ Ocala [email protected]
WAYR Jacksonville [email protected]
WTLN Orlando [email protected]
WORL Orlando [email protected]
WHIF Palatka [email protected]
WCNO Palm City [email protected]
WPCU Panama City [email protected]
WPCS Pensacola [email protected]
WTBN Pinellas Park [email protected]
WTWD Plant City [email protected]
WVIJ Port Charlotte [email protected]
WLSS Tampa [email protected]
WCVC Tallahassee [email protected]
WSCF Vero Beach [email protected]



WNIV Atlanta [email protected]
WLTA Atlanta [email protected]
WAEC Atlanta [email protected]
WRMK Augusta [email protected]
WGMI Bremen [email protected]
WAYR Brunswick [email protected]
WRWH Cleveland [email protected]
WCON Cornelia [email protected]
WWEV Cumming [email protected]
WLJA Jasper [email protected]
WECC St. Marys [email protected]
WMVV Griffin [email protected]
WKLY Hartwell [email protected]
WOAK Lagrange [email protected]
WGTJ Gainesville [email protected]
WJEP Tallahassee, FL [email protected]
WSOK Savannah [email protected]
WRAF Toccoa Falls [email protected]
WBDX Chattanooga [email protected]
WGUN Atlanta [email protected]
WAFT Valdosta [email protected]



KUAU Maui [email protected]
KCIF Hilo [email protected]
KGU Honolulu [email protected]
KHNR Honolulu [email protected]
KLHT Honolulu [email protected]
KHJC Lihue [email protected]



KSPD Boise [email protected]
KBXL Boise [email protected]
KTSY Boise [email protected]
KBGN Boise [email protected]



WEWT Bloomington [email protected]
WIBI Carlinville [email protected]
WTSG Carlinville [email protected]
WMBI Chicago [email protected]
WIND Chicago [email protected]
WYLL Chicago [email protected]
WGNN Champaign [email protected]
WGRN Greenville [email protected]
WGGH Carbondale [email protected]
WCIC Peoria [email protected]
WPEO Peoria [email protected]
WLUJ Springfield [email protected]
WGCA Quincy [email protected]
WKBF Brookfield [email protected]
WFEN Rockford [email protected]
WQFL Rockford [email protected]
WLWJ Springfield [email protected]
WETN Wheaton [email protected]
WRLJ Springfield [email protected]



WGNR Anderson [email protected]
WQME Anderson [email protected]
WHPZ South Bend [email protected]
WPFR Dennison, IL [email protected]
WKZI Terre Haute [email protected]
WSPM Indianapolis [email protected]
WYGS Greensburg [email protected]
WFRN South Bend [email protected]
WVHI Evansville [email protected]
WFCV Fort Wayne [email protected]
WBCL Fort Wayne [email protected]
WLAB Fort Wayne [email protected]
WLYV Fort Wayne [email protected]
WAUZ Greensburg [email protected]
WHLP Valparaiso [email protected]
WQKO Howe [email protected]
WJCF Greenfield [email protected]
WHME South Bend [email protected]
WBGL Terre Haute [email protected]
WJYW Union City [email protected]
WFRR Walton [email protected]
WFRI Winamac [email protected]



KIHS Tarkio, MO [email protected]
KJYL Eagle Grove [email protected]
KNWI Des Moines [email protected]
KPBC Pleasantville [email protected]
KSOU Sioux City [email protected]
KDCR Sioux City [email protected]



KJIL Meade [email protected]
KGCR Brewster [email protected]
KPRD Hays [email protected]
KRBW Ottawa [email protected]
KBUZ Topeka [email protected]
KHCA Topeka [email protected]
KCFN Wichita [email protected]



WLJC Beattyville [email protected]
WTRT Hardin [email protected]
WVHM Hardin [email protected]
WCVK Bowling Green [email protected]
WDFB Danville [email protected]
WIOK Lexington [email protected]
WOKE South Shore [email protected]
WNKJ Hopkinsville [email protected]
WYGE London [email protected]
WGTK Louisville [email protected]
WSOF Orensboro [email protected]
WFBR Mount Washington [email protected]
WLCR Louisville [email protected]
WNOP Cincinnatti [email protected]
WCGW Lexington [email protected]
WJIE Louisville [email protected]
WJVK Bowling Green [email protected]
WYGH Lexington [email protected]
WCBR Lexington [email protected]
WIDS Russell Springs [email protected]
WMTC Jackson [email protected]
WBCE Paducah [email protected]
WEKC Williamsburg [email protected]



KJMJ Alexandria [email protected]
KHCL Houston [email protected]
KAJN Lafayette [email protected]
KRJO Monroe [email protected]
KLNO New Orleans [email protected]
WBSN New Orleans [email protected]
WSHO New Orleans [email protected]
WYLD New Orleans [email protected]
KHLL Monroe [email protected]
KSJY Lafayette [email protected]



WBCI Portland [email protected]
WMSJ Portland [email protected]
WTME Lewiston [email protected]
WSEW Portsmouth [email protected]



WCAO Baltimore [email protected]
WRBS Baltimore [email protected]
WOEL Elkton [email protected]
WJSS Baltimore [email protected]
WWGB Washington DC [email protected]
WOLC Salisbury [email protected]
WGTS Washington DC [email protected]



WEZE Boston [email protected]
WYCM Worchester [email protected]
WLCQ Springfield [email protected]
WFGL Fitchburg [email protected]
WFHL New Bedford [email protected]



WFPM Battle Creek [email protected]
WTLI Williamston [email protected]
WLCM Lansing [email protected]
WMUZ Detroit [email protected]
WBLW Traverse City [email protected]
WCSG Grand Rapids [email protected]
WJKN Spring Arbor [email protected]
WEUL Kingsford [email protected]
WMPC Lansing [email protected]
WNFR Detroit [email protected]
WWSJ Lansing [email protected]
WLJN Traverse City [email protected]
WGNB Muskegon [email protected]
WJQK Grand Rapids [email protected]
WPNW Grand Rapids [email protected]



KDNW/KDNI Duluth [email protected]
WJRF Duluth [email protected]m
WWJC Duluth [email protected]
KKEQ Grand Forks, ND [email protected]
KBHW International Falls [email protected]
KXBR International Falls [email protected]
WCTS Minneapolis [email protected]
KTIS Minneapolis [email protected]
WWTC Minneapolis [email protected]
KKMS Minneapolis [email protected]
KFSI Rochester [email protected]
KKJM St. Cloud [email protected]



WFCA Tupelo [email protected]
WPAE Centreville [email protected]
WMBV Dixons Mills, AL [email protected]
WOAD Jackson [email protected]
WQBC Vicksburg [email protected]



KCWJ Kansas City [email protected]
KPVR St. Louis [email protected]
KOMC Branson [email protected]
KMFC Columbia [email protected]
KFUO St. Louis [email protected]
KEXS Excelsior Springs [email protected]
KTBJ St. Louis [email protected] [email protected]
KXEN St. Louis [email protected]
KGGN Kansas City [email protected]
KOBC Joplin [email protected]
KHGN Kirksville [email protected]
KJAB Mexico [email protected]
KLUH Poplar Bluff [email protected]
KADI Springfield [email protected]
KRHW Sikeston [email protected]
KWFC Springfield [email protected]
KGNM St. Joseph [email protected]
KATZ St. Louis [email protected]
KRSS Tarkio [email protected]
KULH Chillicothe [email protected]



KBLW Billings [email protected]
KMZK Billings [email protected]
KURL Billings [email protected]
KMCJ Havre [email protected]
KGLE Glendive [email protected]
KALS Kalispell [email protected]
KMBI Spokane [email protected]



KJSK Columbus [email protected]
WNGN McCook [email protected]
KPNO Norfolk [email protected]
KJLT North Platte [email protected]
KVSS Omaha [email protected]
KGRD Oneill [email protected]



KNIS Reno [email protected]
KSOS Las Vegas [email protected]
KKVV Las Vegas [email protected]



WVNH Manchester [email protected]
WWNH Rochester [email protected]
WSEW New Durham [email protected]



WUPC Nassau [email protected]
WZFI Bridgeton [email protected]
WJPG Atlantic City [email protected]
WIMG Trenton [email protected]
WLOM Atlantic City [email protected]
WIBG Atlantic City [email protected]
WFAI Wilmington [email protected]
WAWZ Middlesex [email protected]



KDAZ Albuquerque [email protected]
KLYT Albuquerque [email protected]
KNMI Farmington [email protected]
KPCL Farmington [email protected]
KMBN Las Cruces [email protected]
KEDU Ruidoso [email protected]
KHAC Tse Bonito [email protected]



WJCA Rochester [email protected]
WUFO Buffalo [email protected]
WLOF Buffalo [email protected]
WASB Brockport [email protected]
WDCX Buffalo [email protected]
WMHI Syracuse [email protected]
WCHP Champlain [email protected]
WLJH Poughkeepsie [email protected]
WLNL Horseheads [email protected]
WBAR Albany [email protected]
WVOA Syracuse [email protected]
WMCA New York [email protected]
WFSO Poughkeepsie [email protected]
WLIX Middle Island [email protected]
WRCI Rochester [email protected]



WKJV Asheville [email protected]
WGWG Boiling Springs [email protected]
WRTP Raleigh-Durham [email protected]
WOGR Charlotte [email protected]
WRNA Kannapolis [email protected]
WHPY Greenville [email protected]
WCKB Dunn [email protected]
WPFJ Franklin [email protected]
WJSG Rockingham [email protected]
WTRU Greensboro [email protected]
WGCR Pisgah Forest [email protected]
WCLY Raleigh-Durham [email protected]
WAGO Goldsboro [email protected]
WJRM Troy [email protected]
WJFJ Columbus [email protected]
WWWC Wilkesboro [email protected]
WRCM Charlotte [email protected]
WPIP Winston Salem [email protected]
WBFJ Winston Salem [email protected]



KLBE Bismarck [email protected]
KFNW Fargo [email protected]
KFBN Fargo [email protected]
KHRT Minot [email protected]



WBCY Archbold [email protected]
WVVW Belpre [email protected]
WKJH Bryan [email protected]
WILB Canton [email protected]
WCER Canton [email protected]
WCVX Cincinnatti [email protected]
WHK Cleveland [email protected]
WHVT Clyde [email protected]
WRFD Columbus [email protected]
WQRP Dayton [email protected]
WGNZ Fairborn [email protected]
WCVO Columbus [email protected]
WPOS Holland [email protected]
WFCO Lancaster [email protected]
WCBV Lima [email protected]
WTGN Lima [email protected]
WYSM Toledo [email protected]
WVMC Mansfield [email protected]
WFCJ Dayton [email protected]
WCRF Cleveland [email protected]
WNZR Columbus [email protected]
WCVZ Zanesville [email protected]
WBCL Fort Wayne [email protected]
WEEC Dayton [email protected]
WXML Upper Sandusky [email protected]



KTGS Ada [email protected]
KTLV Oklahoma City [email protected]
KTLR Oklahoma City [email protected]
KLVV Ponca City [email protected]
KJTH Ponca City [email protected]
KTFX Tulsa [email protected]
KKCM Tulsa [email protected]
KXTH Shawnee [email protected]
KAZC Ada [email protected]
KJIL Meade, KS [email protected]



KORM Astoria [email protected]
KNLR Bend [email protected]
KVIP Redding, CA [email protected]
KYTT Coos Bay [email protected]
KWPB Newport [email protected]
KAPL Jacksonville [email protected]
KTRO Portland [email protected]
KBVM Portland [email protected]
KKPZ Portland [email protected]
KPDQ Portland [email protected]
KAJC Salem [email protected]



WJCS Allentown [email protected]
WAVL Sarvar [email protected]
WZUM Pittsburgh [email protected]
WFKJ York [email protected]
WVCH Philadelphia [email protected]
WISP Doylestown [email protected]
WVMM Harrisburg [email protected]
WKBO Harrisburg [email protected]
WBYH Philadelphia [email protected]
WFSJ Indiana [email protected]
WJSA Williamsport [email protected]
WDAC Lancaster [email protected]
WJTL Lancaster [email protected]
WBYN Allentown [email protected]
WGRC Lewisburg [email protected]
WJSM Martinsburg [email protected]
WCRF Cleveland [email protected]
WTLR State College [email protected]
WNAP Philadelphia [email protected]
WNTP Philadelphia [email protected]
WFIL Philadelphia [email protected]
WORD Pittsburgh [email protected]
WPIT Pittsburgh [email protected]
WRGN Scranton [email protected]
WCTL Erie [email protected]
WZZD Philadelphia [email protected]
WLIH Wellsboro [email protected]
WGRC Lewisburg [email protected]



WSTL Providence [email protected]



WBLR Grovetown, GA [email protected]
WAGP Beaufort [email protected]
WAFJ Augusta, GA [email protected]
WBAJ Lexington [email protected]
WMHK Columbia [email protected]
WTBI Greenville [email protected]
WMUU Greenville [email protected]
WHEZ Hartsville [email protected]
WKCL Charleston [email protected]
WSCM Moncks Corner [email protected]
WQIZ Charleston [email protected]
WNGR Tigerville [email protected]



KLMP Rapid City [email protected]
KNWC Sioux Falls [email protected]
KJBB Watertown [email protected]



WWGM Jackson [email protected]
WYLV Knoxville [email protected]
WHCB Bristol [email protected]
WDYN Chattanooga [email protected]
WMBW Chattanooga [email protected]
WNRZ Nashville [email protected]
WEMB Johnson City [email protected]
WLLJ Chattanooga [email protected]
WAMP Jackson [email protected]
WCLC Jamestown [email protected]
WIFA Knoxville [email protected]
WRJZ Knoxville [email protected]
WBBP Memphis [email protected]
WLOK Memphis [email protected]
WFCM Chattanooga [email protected]
WENO Nashville [email protected]
WNAH Nashville [email protected]
WNAZ Nashville [email protected]
WLIK Newport [email protected]
WJBZ Knoxville [email protected]
WBRY Nashville [email protected]



KGNZ Abiline [email protected]
KDRY San Antonio [email protected]
KJRT Amarillo [email protected]
KLVQ Malakoff [email protected]
KPYN Texarkana [email protected]
KPEZ Austin [email protected]
KWWJ Houston [email protected]
KYOK Houston [email protected]
KBNJ Corpus Christi [email protected]
KCTA Corpus Christi [email protected]
KNGR Daingerfield [email protected]
KCBI Dallas [email protected]
KVTT Dallas [email protected]
KSKY Dallas [email protected]
KIXL Austin [email protected]
KNNK Amarillo [email protected]
KOIR McAllen [email protected]
KELP El Paso [email protected]
KVER El Paso [email protected]
KVIV El Paso [email protected]
KIJN Farwell [email protected]
KWCB Floresville [email protected]
KHCB Houston [email protected]
KWRD Dallas [email protected]
KNTH Houston [email protected]
KBNL Laredo [email protected]
KHOY Laredo [email protected]
KBNR Brownsville [email protected]
KEPX Eagle Pass [email protected]
KRUC Las Cruces, NM [email protected]
KBNU Uvalde [email protected]
KBLT Leakey [email protected]
KAVX Lufkin [email protected]
KSWP Lufkin [email protected]
KMHT Tyler [email protected]
KCAS Corpus Christi [email protected]
KDEI Beaumont [email protected]
KNLE Austin [email protected]
KCRN San Angelo [email protected]
KSLR San Antonio [email protected]
KVRK Dallas [email protected]
KJIC Houston [email protected]
KJAK Lubbock [email protected]
KVNE Tyler [email protected]
KTNO Dallas [email protected]
KBBW Waco [email protected]
KRGE McAllen [email protected]
KKHT Houston [email protected]



KAAJ Monticello [email protected]
KEYY Salt Lake City [email protected]



WTWN Wells River [email protected]



WAVA Washington, DC [email protected]
WMEK Chase City [email protected]
WPER Warrenton [email protected]
WOKD Blacksburg [email protected]
WFAX Falls Church [email protected]
WCLM Richmond [email protected]
WWMC Lynchburg [email protected]
WLLL Roanoke [email protected]
WRVL Lynchburg [email protected]
WLTK Broadway [email protected]
WBTX Broadway [email protected]
WNLR Churchville [email protected]
WGTH Bluefield [email protected]
WJLZ Virginia Beach [email protected]
WPRZ Warrenton [email protected]
WTRM Winchester [email protected]



KARI Bellingham [email protected]
KGNW Seattle [email protected]
KACS Aberdeen [email protected]
KCIS Seattle [email protected]
KCMS Seattle [email protected]
KMLW Spokane [email protected]
KOLU Tri Cities [email protected]
KGSG Tri Cities [email protected]
KRLF Colfax-Pullman [email protected]
KBLE Seattle [email protected]
KLFE Seattle [email protected]
KKOL Seattle [email protected]
KMBI Spokane [email protected]



WTCR Huntington [email protected]
WRKP Wheeling [email protected]
WRLB Lewisburg [email protected]
WMLJ Summersville [email protected]



WHEM Eau Claire [email protected]
WRVM Goodman [email protected]
WORQ Green Bay [email protected]
WWIB Eau Claire [email protected]
WSTM Sheboygan [email protected]
WNWC Madison [email protected]
WJYI Milwaukee [email protected]
WRGX Sturgeon Bay [email protected]
WNWC Madison [email protected]
WCLQ Wausau [email protected]



KCSP Casper [email protected]
KAXG Havre, MT [email protected]
KALS Kalispell, MT [email protected]