Rep. Zeldin Statement on 1-Year Anniversary of U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

WASHINGTON - Today, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and Chairman of the House Republican Israel Caucus, issued the following statement on the one year anniversary of the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem:

“One year ago today, I was honored to be in Jerusalem to help open the U.S. embassy in Israel. Jerusalem should be recognized as the indisputable, undivided capital of the Jewish State, and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was an important step in recognizing Israel’s sovereignty and security. In addition to its religious importance, Jerusalem is also the location of the Israeli Knesset and offices and residences of the Israeli Prime Minister and President. Moving our embassy on this day one year ago was not only the right thing to do, it set an important precedent for other nations to follow. The U.S. has no greater ally and strategic partner than Israel and following through on our promise to move our embassy and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s unquestionable capital reaffirms the unbreakable bond between our two nations. After decades of Presidential promises to move the embassy, I thank the President for following through on this important commitment.”