169 House Members and 49 Senators Urge President Trump to Uphold Federal Pro-Life Policy

Letters call on President to commit to veto any legislation that would weaken pro-life protections


WASHINGTON, DC—169 Members of the House of Representatives, led by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), and 49 Senators, led by Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), sent two companion letters asking President Donald Trump to reject—veto—any legislation that would weaken federal pro-life policy.


Both letters ask the President to reject any legislation that would weaken federal policy on abortion.


“We ask President Donald Trump to continue his work in defense of life.  My colleagues and I are also committed to protecting both unborn children and their mothers from the violence of abortion,” said Rep. Smith. “I am deeply encouraged that 169 Members of the House of Representatives signed a letter to the President making clear their commitment to sustain any veto issued by the President on the grounds that any pro-life provision has been weakened or removed.”


“We will not allow hard fought protections for the unborn to be undone. I stand strongly in defense of the President’s pro-life victories and will continue to work with my colleagues to advance our pro-life agenda,” said Sen. Daines.


Both letters praise the President’s strong pro-life commitment and the pro-life policies advanced by the Trump Administration over the past two years. The Smith-led House letteremphasized the importance of pro-life policies such as “preventing direct taxpayer funding of abortion” which includes the Hyde Amendment, a policy that has saved over two million lives since 1976. It also asks the Administration to continue to uphold its Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy that restricts funding for abortion advocates.


The Daines-led Senate letter also noted the Administration’s work to “ensure the conscience rights of healthcare professionals are protected, prevent taxpayer funding under Title X from going to facilities to perform or refer for abortion.”      


It is important to note that both President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush sent similar pro-life commitment letters during their terms in office. “President George H.W. Bush released his letter and kept his word, issuing three pro-life vetoes,” Smith said.“All three were upheld by the House of Representatives.”