Call in to talk-radio

Millions of Americans listen to talk-radio everyday, and it offers conservatives an excellent opportunity to get their message out unfiltered by the liberal media.

Before you call:
  • Make notes. Take the time to make some brief talking points covering your main points in order to get them clear in your mind. (Think "bullet points")
  • Review your notes. The more familiar you are with what you want to say, the more likely you are to get your point across if you get on the air.

When you call:

  • Call early. Most shows take calls in the order they are received. So the earlier you call, the more likely you will get on.
  • Know what you want to say. You will probably talk with a "call screener" first to tell them what you want to talk about. Be concise and to the point.
  • Be aware of the delay. Most talk radio broadcasts operate with a minimum seven-second delay. Make sure you are listening for the host to pick up your call by listening to your telephone and not the radio. If it is a hot topic and the lines are full, hosts will often have little patience waiting for a caller to become aware his call is actually on the air.
  • When you get on-air, stay focused and calm. State your point in a few clear and short sentences. Just don't read directly from your notes -- listeners can tell.
  • Don't argue or sound angry. Speak calmly and stay on your message.

Click here for a listing of talk radio outlets near you.