Will a 5-point Dem victory turn the U.S. House over to the GOP?

The Christian Coalition of America publishes its 2009-2010 Congressional Scorecard this week and it was revealed that several Democrats had earned 100% scores which has been very unusual in recent past years.  However, since the 2008 election, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had a huge cushion of votes to enable her to cram down the throats of the American people much extreme left-wing legislation.  She has also had the luxury to allow some of her moderate Democrats to vote against her party in key votes.   

Pelosi's cushion of votes include many in the 60 congressional districts now in Democrat hands which President George W. Bush and/or Senator John McCain won in 2006 and 2008.  Many of these congressional districts are expected to switch back to the Republicans in this November's election.  As the House Republican Leader John Boehner said recently:  "Democrats won Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008, and all we have to show for it is more debt, more government, and fewer jobs."  

Because of the disastrous poll numbers for the Democrats  --  who have been pushing through Congress highly unpopular legislation  --  even non-partisan political analysts are predicting that the Democrats could very easily lose control of the United States House of Representatives.  Tonight, Frank Luntz, a non-ideological pollster, predicted the Republicans would take over the House of Representatives this November.  Indeed, even the very cautious Charlie Cook has the Democrats losing 30 seats in the House of Representatives in his current estimates and his predictions of Republican gains keeps going up.  The Republicans need 40 seats to take back over the House.   

But, will even a 5-point Democrat victory turn the House of Representatives back over the the Republicans?  A loss of even 35 Democrat seats will terrify the rest of the moderate Democrats remaining in the House after the expected November slaughter.   

And there are plenty of reasons for these Democrats to be terrified.  The agenda during Barack Obama's first term has been so left-wing  --  including on issues such as abortion and traditional marriage  --  that the Democrat Party has been renamed by some conservative pundits the "Evil Party."  After the many abominable votes forced on a Democrat-controlled Congress by an extreme left-wing president, this nick-name is actually catching on.  On the other hand, the Republican Party has been for years called the "Stupid Party."  

There is a still a small remnant in the Democrat Party who have had their fingers in the dike against a full-scale depraved Democrat agenda.  Congressman Bobby Bright, a freshman Democrat from the second congressional district in Alabama, is one such Democrat.  He is one of the Democrats who has achieved a 100% rating in the Christian Coalition of America 2009-2010 Congressional Scorecard.  Some will argue that there are 100% Christian Coalition Democrats only because Nancy Pelosi had some 40 extra votes to work with in her quest to get 218 votes to pass her left-wing legislation.   

Should the Republicans not win back the House of Representatives during this November's election, but instead the Democrats only lose 35 or so seats, there still is a scenario in which they lose the House anyway.  The Bobby Bright Democrats could decide to switch parties if the Democrat margin of victory in the House of Representatives is less than a handful.  Already this year, Alabama Democrat Parker Griffith has switched his allegiance to the Republican Party.  

Bobby Bright and a handful of other moderate Democrats  --  who survive the Republican tsunumi  --  could do what Reagan-era Democrats did in fairly large numbers and switch parties in November allowing the Republicans to organize the House of Representatives, enabling John Boehner to become the Speaker of the House.  To be sure, the 2010 congressional election will be one of the most interesting in American history. 

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