Who would be a better missionary? O'Donnell, Castle, or Coon?

I've honestly can say I do not know that much about O'Donnell. I know she has been attacked because she has faced poverty in her life. I know how that feels as well, very much so. And after some of the things that have been said I question how many people in Washington have any clue about hardships people are enduring as I type. I would not mind having at least one person in government who can say - I've been there.

Do we pick missionaries because they have a trust fund? Did Jesus pick disciples that had trust funds? Now there is nothing wrong with money many parts of the bible refer to money; don't get me started defending capitalism - The problem is when you place money first above things that are in reality more important.

If somebody has not paid a bill do we reject them for missionary work? or is they a way out, a way to make it right, redemption. I am not referring to O'Donnell here because I do not even know if it applies she merely has accusations which in a political arena do not need to be supported by proof. But if somebody owes money can they be redeemed and used by God?

Currently it seems the liberals our mused; they are going all the way back to the death of Vince Foster and water gate years. I need to ask is it snowing in hell? They have for the past several years avoided the gates - now almost in panic mode they are digging through these years - The truth will set us free.

I don't want to muse anybody here, just wanted to let people know the shifting I see going on with those who want to keep control of political power. They have opened up the last 20 years for cross examination.

Regarding the question on the top. I believe if somebody is qualified to be a missionary it says a lot about their qualifications to serve the public.


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