While Muslim Plans Murders in Ft. Hood, Obama Prays in Mosque

Obama refused to [even] address (by video) the National Day of Prayer At The Pole when thousands of Christians came to The Capitol. The president rudely snubbed them. However, he DID take part in the celebration of Ramadam, the Muslim holiday, greeted Muslims who came to D.C. and invited a Muslim committee to The White House where he took part in the end of Ramadam meal with them.  He has shown the nation that for him, Christianity is out, Islam is in. Is he or isn't he?  Here is he answer.   

This photo was just forwarded to me by Rev. Richard Lee of Washington State. The obviously untouched photo of Obama removing his shoes before Muslim prayer in a Mosque shows that America might have elected a Muslim as President whose birthplace is in question.  

The Constitution clearly states that a candidate for President must be a natural born United States Citizen, swears to uphold the Constitution, and to protect our citizens from terrorists.  Obama and his handlers have refused to provide his actual birth certificate and he certainly has not upheld the Constitution nor has he protected America from her enemies. Indeed, he has comforted those who would destroy our nation and is in the process of selling us out to the enemies of America.

Obama has openly embraced Islam, the religion sworn to kill every American and all infidels (non-Muslims), so that means us. Their "sacred book," The Koran states that it is permissible to lie to infidels and to "kill them wherever you find then." 

Major Nidal Malik Hasam, the one who yesterday opened fire on American Soldiers on an American Military Base in America, was a life-long Muslim who was trained by the United States Army to be a Psychiatrist and he used that position at Walter Read Medical Center to try and recruit patients into Islam.

When officials found his website 6 months ago, detailing suicide bombings, those same officials said, 'This caused us some concern.' WELL IT DID NOT CAUSE ENOUGH CONCERN to crack down on this madman before he murdered a dozen of our service personnel and wounded 35 others, and who would have continued the slaughter had it not been for a heroic female police officer who shot him, putting an end to the killing spree as dictated to him by his "holy book," The Koran. We can no longer sit back and say, "Oh my....how did such a thing happen?" AMERICA-WAKE UP FOR GOD'S SAKE!  These things must be stopped BEFORE they happen.

We have a president who was NOT voted in, he was PUT there in a plan developed over a period of many years  (I will do a history of this in the future).  In the meantime, while America is distracted, and Nidal Malik Hasan is yellilng "Allahu Akbar"(according to witnesses) before opening fire on Americans, Obama is saying his prayers in a mosque showing where his loyalties are. The "mainstream" press hid the fact that the terrorist was a Muslim in their initial reports of the shooting. 

WorldNetDaily.com was the first to show that the killer was a lifetime Muslim who for some insane reason, was put in that position to carry out his murderous instincts. And the news media wants to hide the identity of the perpetrators to protect them. This is nuts!

The One is scheduled to go to Denmark next month for a Climate Change conference, which is actually a ruse to put all countries including the United States under global governance. It is imperative to watch this video, then start THINKING and take action.  Click on this address, or cut and paste;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMe5dOgbu40      www.revaustinmiles.com

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