Welfare "Clients" Pour Millions Into Election-WHAT?

Welfare "Clients" Pour Millions Into Election-WHAT?

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Oct 09, 2012 at 12:50 PM PDT
No Thank You
No Thank You !

by Rev. Austin Miles

Obama concocted a cunning scheme to not only rake in the bucks for his re-election campaign, but in a manner that will assure him the votes needed to keep his family in The White House.

Working the welfare crowd, that money and vote comes in one dollar at a time, from those millions of people who depend on the government to pay for their support with no work required. It is recognized that not everyone on welfare is a dead-beat. There are many who have gone through hard times and genuinely need assistance.

Obama has solicited everyone to send him a $3.00 donation. That is very little money that welfare recipients (and others who have become dependent on government hand-outs) can easily afford. It is for sure that all those on the take will cast their vote for Obama.

That double benefit-to-Obama strategy has also brought in some serious cash. Those three dollar donations raised $181 million just during the month of September. Money that was taken from our labor, our taxes and redistributed to those do not work, to re-elect Obama. Isn't there something illegal about using our tax dollars to place a specific party in office?

There are 46 million Americans on food stamps. That is 15% of the population which is a 70% increase since 2007. Yes, right up until the time Obama was placed into office. As soon as he got in, the number skyrocketed as he led people toward a fully government controlled Communist state.

And those entitlement programs costs the taxpayers over $6 billion each month that literally destroys the lives of the recipients who become totally dependent and unproductive. That comes out to over $72 billion a year of our tax money given to support those who do not perform their share of work.

Obama staged contests. Those who contributed three bucks would be entered into a drawing and the winner would be flown to an Obama appearance, including one in Hollywood at the home of George Clooney, with many stars in attendance, and have dinner with them...all expenses paid.

It is easy to forget the power of the small donation when multiplied by millions..This is why the U.N. is determined to create a world tax. This explains the fraudulent 'global warming' (for taxing purposes) alarm that has been so heavily publicized and promoted by Al Gore, who has already pocketed a couple hundred million dollars by being their front man.

If every person in the world was assessed a tax of only a few pennies to "stop climate change", that would amount to unspeakable wealth for the U.N. If Gore manages to push that tax to reality, he will receive a one billion dollar 'honorarium' on this totally bogus precept.

Those who do work and have professions must pay premium prices for everything in order to support those "useful idiots"(Communist term) on the government dole who do not need to work, and in this case, use some of the tax money received to re-funnel to Obama's campaign.

Gas prices are zooming upwards without restraint. In many areas of California gas is over $5.00 a gallon. And remember, Obama spoke after his 'election' that the U.S. pays for too little for gas. "In Europe", he proclaimed, "gas prices are higher." Then he said he wanted to see gas at five dollars a gallon here in America. He got his wish.

Bob Boyd, host of the national radio program, "Issues in Education," sent me the following gas prices as advertised by an Exxon station:
Regular $1.84
Plus       $1.89

THEN Bob added: "These were the prices the day Obama took office." This writer remembers that within the first month he was placed in office, the gas prices, with no rhyme or reason began spiraling upwards. Just as he wanted and planned.

A man named Raymond (no last name provided) who responds to articles in various publications such as www,Conservativebyte.com wrote this poem:

Barack be nimble,
Barack be quick,
Barack be gone,
November 6th.

And everybody said......AMEN !