Virginia Christian Group Denied Their Right to Display Cross

From Chesapeake, Virginia we have this story from OneNewsNow, detailing the facts regarding this denial of religious freedom and our rights to free speech.

Take note of those quotes attributed to the city officials about the cross; that it is "offensive", "way out there", and "blatantly Christian"? How do Christians even try get an understanding of that mentality to debate this mindset?

No one ever said a cross is not "blatantly Christian"! But, on the other other hand, are city administrators supposed to be in the business of protecting free-thinking residents of their town from the threatening spector of Christianity? That is just silly.

Their comments stating that a cross is "offensive" and "way out there", however, are purely biased judgments - which in America, it is their right to freely speak such things. Likewise, groups such as this particular one getting censored, also has their very rights guaranteed to freely speak their message.

Alliance Defense Fund's special counsel Nate Kellum, says this:

"Christians have the fundamental right, just like any other citizen, to share their message," argues Nate Kellum, a senior counsel with ADF. "Therefore, (Christian Rights Ministries founder, Steve) Taylor and the rest of the members of Christian Rights Ministries have the right to display a cross in the public park."

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