Tucson Funerals Begin-Fred Phelps Family STAY HOME!

The shooting rampage in Arizona on Saturday underscores our need for God more than ever. As you remember, we allowed a communist in 1963 to push prayer (and God) out of the public schools and ultimately out of public life in general. A year after that insane decision, the federal crime rate increased 100% (actual statistic) in our nation. We kicked God out and terror came in. And this latest violent attack on citizens is a direct result.

Tonight, the funerals begain in Tucson, including that of a 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green. Ironically, this little innocent third grader was born on a day of violence, September 11, 2001, and she died on a day of violence, Saturday, January 8, 2011. And now, a hate group plans to demonstrate at her funeral tonight and burial tomorrow!

As this massacre took place, atheist Michael Newdow was nursing another lawsuit he just filed, this time to get rid of our national motto, In God We Trust. This is the same bizarre timing as when he filed the lawsuit to make the Pledge of Allegiance illegal because it had the phrase, “Under God” in it—while we were still finding our dead at the World’s Trade Center.

It should be added that after that horrific Muslim sneak attack on America, our country came together, united for the first time in decades, and it was finally considered OK to pray and go to church. We had come together in collective outrage against a common enemy, vowing to never let this happen again. Newdow, who works as a doctor at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California (!) was able to divide our nation once again over the issue of God, which in turn weakened our strength against them.

Intruding into the violent tragedy in Arizona that has grieved America, Fred Phelps and his family plan to come and picket the funeral of the little girl tonight and burial tomorrow.  I saw his raving video where he yells, “God Bless that shooter! God sent that shooter.”  This is a display of criminal insanity.

The liberal-Socialist media happily declare that this is an example of Christianity and that his ‘church’, Westboro Baptist Church is a ‘fundamentalist’ church. Phelps is not a Christian nor his family. He does NOT represent God in any way. His “church” is not a church. Only family members gather in a space, Still, it has worked out for them to be called a ‘church’ with tax exemption. To my knowlege no member of the public attends. The name Baptist is used fraudulently. They are in no way affiliated with the Baptist union. As for as being fundamentalists, that would apply to religion and they are not a legitimate religion.

It is strongly believed that the Phelps family were invented by a ‘progessive’ leftist who pays them handsomely for every negative publicity stain on Christianity that is published in the media that they can generate. That of course explains where the money comes from for that entire family to fly all over the U.S.and pay hotel, food and ground transportation expenses to picket funerals, especially funerals of veterans. The use of the Phelps family is to eventually outlaw religion and the church which is required in any Communist nation, which the leftists intend for this nation to become.

Wisely, Arizona legislators approved emergency legislation yesterday to head off the Phelps family from picketing the funerals. It was a unanimous vote which was then signed by Governor Jan Brewer. However, we read somewhere else that the bill means they can not come withing 300 feet of a funeral.  What?  These cruel misfits should not be allowed in town, period!  Not just Tucson, but every town in America should ban them. They belong in a padded cell, not running loose and causing chaos in the face of tragic events.

America, fellow citizens, we see what has happened to our country when we kicked out God. Please, for all of our sakes, get back to God, repent and ask Him to come back into our affairs, put His protective Hand back on our country, acknowledge Him in all things and Praise His Name!  Otherwise our time here will soon end violently.

Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor-chaplain in Northern California. Visit his website at: www.revaustinmiles.com


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