Trying to Change the Subject

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann accused the Obama administration of orchestrating yet another information dump on a “Friday dump day” at the end of last week.  Indeed, this was one of their most clever Friday dumps yet.

Two days following shocking revelations about what is arguably the worst presidential (cover-up) scandal in American history, the BenghaziGate scandal  -- involving the dereliction of duty by the Obama administration regarding the September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the preventable assassinations of Obama’s Ambassador to Libya; his fellow diplomat, and two Navy Seals  --   the Obama administration tried to change the subject to what has become another new Obama scandal.   

The Internal Revenue Service  --  obviously now under the thumb of the Obama administration  --  revealed that it has been playing politics in the two years leading up to last year’s presidential election by targeting conservative and tea-party organizations.  The IRS’s intimidation of conservative groups scared possible donors into not donating to conservative and Tea Party groups.  Likewise, the IRS intimidated grassroots groups into doing nothing to support conservative candidates for all sorts of offices including the presidential race.  And that is exactly what some officials in the Obama administration wanted. 

And change the subject it has.  Yesterday’s top story in many newspapers and other media outlets around the country featured the IRS attack on Tea Party and conservative groups.  Monday’s “USA Today’s” front-page headline blared:  “GOP Demands Obama Apology; Seeks Probe of IRS for Singling out Tea Party.”  A headline in “The Wall Street Journal” said:  “Chiefs at IRS Knew of Targeting.” The past two editions of “The Washington Times” had front-page headlines:  “Outraged GOP:  It’s time to audit IRS; Conservative group targeting ‘chilling,’” and “Congress pounces on IRS target revelations.” 

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican from Minnesota, who is also tax attorney, told that the Obama administration confessed to a flagrant use of politics and power by “the most feared government agency,” the IRS, because of the Benghazi scandal.  She said, “There’s no doubt that this was not a coincidence that they dumped this story today, a Friday dump day.  This is when they put their negative stories out.” 

The article continues:  “But she said the looming storm cloud called Benghazi is the “soft underbelly” of the Obama administration and likely will keep Hillary Clinton from fulfilling her dream of occupying the Oval Office.  That would make it logical to release an IRS story that, while embarrassing, also could be cubbyholed as another “conservative” dispute with the White House.  She was referring to the ongoing hearings on the administration’s handling of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack by al-Qaida-linked terrorists on a U.S. foreign service post in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including the ambassador.”  She also maintained that the credibility of the 2012 election is in doubt.

The Congresswoman wonders if the IRS  --  which will enforce ObamaCare  --  “will target conservative voices opposed to President Obama with delays or denials of medical care.”  According to, Congresswoman Bachmann “said the IRS announcement of misbehavior was intended to provoke conservatives and draw their anger and attention. ‘I was in that Benghazi hearing.  I think the Obama administration is desperate to spin Benghazi, and they can’t.  I think they saved this story up for a day like today so that conservatives would focus on this admission.  It won’t work.  Conservatives can handle two shocking stories at the same time.  Both are equally unconstitutional and call into question the very president.’” 

Since Congresswoman Bachmann made these remarks over the weekend, things have gotten much worse for the president.  In addition to the news media asking about both the Benghanzi and the IRS scandals in his press conference yesterday with British Prime Minister David Cameron, a new shocking story has developed which affects even his sycophantic mainstream media supporters.  Obama’s administration reportedly has been spying on Associated Press reporters  --  possibly 100 or more  --  in the months before last November’s presidential election. 

The Associated Press’ president and chief executive officer is furious, as he rightfully should be.  Gary Pruitt said the Justice Department’s spying amounted to “a massive and unprecedented intrusion” on AP’s newsgathering operation.  Isn’t it interesting what the reaction of the news media people is when their own ox is gored by the Obama administration?   Pruitt goes on to say:  “There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters.”

Although the Obama administration’s attempt to change the subject from his Benghazi scandal has temporarily worked, Republicans can walk and chew gum at the same time.  Conservatives can handle even more than two shocking stories at the same time.