Swine Flu or Time To Get A Clue? STARTLING UPDATE!

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The growing "plague" of 'Swine Flu' is being pushed exactly like Al Gore's "Global Warming" which can be seen as strictly political. Especially as it is noted that the Obama Adminstration seems intent on making the Swine Flu Vaccine shots mandatory for his subjects in America.

It is interesting to note that Swine Flu Vaccine manufacturers have asked governments to give them an exemption from lawsuits, in case the vaccine causes harm in people.

How's that again? If the manufacturers are so sure that the vaccine works and is necessary, why would they need a legal exemption 'just in case' it harms and maybe kills people?

According to a note from reader, Rev. Ed Berkey (retired), a pharmacist in Australia, George Mamouzellos, who reportedly received his Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from the University of South Australia, says that the vaccination being pushed on the public is a hundred times more dangerous than the swine flu itself.

Mr. Moumouzellos breaks down the components in the vaccine; One is Thimerosol, which is 50% mercury. It binds to receptors in the brain and basically causes brain damage. Another ingredient is, Sqaulene, which (accidentally) tricks the immune system into killling one's own cells, which then creates autoimmune diseases like asthma, multiple scelerosis, and diabetes, that we know of so far.

Another puzzling ponder: Swine Flu has killed about two to 3000 people total. Regular flu kills 40,000 plus per year. So why the emphasis on swine flu instead of improving regular flu vaccine?  We know that the push to 'stop global warming' is a tool for the UN to implement a world tax. So why this push to compel everyone in the U.S. to take this particular vaccine?  Hopefully it is not a scheme to reduce world population.

Even more troubling, why does the Obama Administration offer to give the vaccine to us for free?  And giving drug manufacturers immunity from legal cases against them by those who are forced to take the shot-or up-the-nose version?  Again, the (political I believe) hatched 'Swine Flu' kills 95% fewer people than the regular flu.This makes sense only to a Marxist who has an agenda.

From what I see in the ingredients, this stuff is poison. I will not take the shot nor my family. If someone asks me if I want it, I will ask them about thimerosol, squalene, and why the company making it wants legal exemption from being sued...and then watch for the expression on their faces.

UPDATE: (10/26/09 ) Shortly after this story was posted, Obama announced that because of the rapid-expansion of Swine Flu, which endangers all American lives, he is declaring a national emergency. This is a typical wag-the-dog story about a president who started wars (or a 'crisis') to divert the attention of the public from his nefarious activities. This 'emergency' is a manufactored crisis to divert the public from its growing unrest over Obama's refusal to produce a certified birth certificate to prove that he is eligilble to hold the highest office that he now occupies. Several lawsuits have been filed to challenge his legitamacy and things seem to be building to a climax. He is desperately trying to direct the public's attention away from that major problem, hence the crisis.  This is ironically also a cover-up of Obama's Swine Flu misrepresentation. AND PONDER THIS: If it is so necesarry for everyone in America to have special vaccinations, WHY is Obama preventing his own kids from taking them? Yep, that's the latest news today. He will not allow his own kids to take the vaccine that he is forcing all American citizens to take.


 Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor of Senior Citizens in Northern California and is particularly protective of seniors from the Obama Administration "health care" scheme which would be harmful for retirees and the elderly. See his stories on this subject by checking this website and going to: www.revaustinmiles.com

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