Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says the Supreme Court got it wrong on Roe v. Wade

It seems that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hanging around her good friend, Justice Antonin Scalia, too long.  She now says that the infamous 7 justices on the United States Supreme Court in 1973 got it wrong with their abominable Roe v. Wade decision when they decided that it was OK to kill innocent unborn babies in America.  At least, up to a certain point she says. reported today that "In an amazing admission, pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says the Roe v. Wade case that allowed virtually unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy went too far. She admitted that the sweeping decision made it an easy target for critics." reported that "Because of the expansive pro-abortion view set out in Roe -- allowing virtually no limits on abortions and opening them up for any reason at any time during pregnancy -- Ginsburg said the case has become 'an easy target' and a 'rallying point' for pro-life advocates."

Justice Ginsburg was speaking to the Provost of Princeton University, Christopher Eisgruber, when she revealed her feelings about the corrupt Supreme Court decision which has resulted in the murder of some 45 million babies in America since 1973, aided and abetted by one of America's political parties which has put up the most radical pro-abortion candidate in America's history. 

Incidentally, Princeton University is also the infamous institution which employs the most radical pro-abortion professor in America:  Professor Peter Singer who is for killing children after they are born up to a certain point in time, depending on whether the parents want to keep the baby. 

Indeed, reported on September 12, 2006 that Professor Singer repeated his notorious stand on the murder of disabled newborns:  When asked, "Would you kill a disabled baby?" Professor Singer responded, "Yes, if that was in the best interests of the baby and of the family as a whole."  Future President Sarah Palin, take note!

So, it is interesting to note that one member of the radical death culture is beginning to see the light in America.  Perhaps Justice Ginsburg can give some life lessons to Professor Singer or better yet, they could both sit under the tutelage of pro-life champion, Justice Antonin Scalia. 

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