Suffering exists in Government Ran Health Care.

Does anybody really believe that a system ran by the Government would be free of suffering. That a nurse provided by the Government is going to be kinder and provide better comfort than a nurse selected by the one in need of a nurse.

I pray for those in need; My heart also goes out to those who have care provided by the Government and remain tragically more in need. I know that God is aware of every tear. My chest grows tight as I put this post together because I know these people matter to God and to somebody else.

I've been to both DMV and when possible alternative private businesses for services of registering a car. Although not broken by the my experiences with the DMV I can image those people running a hospital but in some cases I don't need to imagine.

An independent inquiry found that managers at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust stopped providing safe care because they were preoccupied with government targets and cutting costs. Patients were routinely neglected or left “sobbing and humiliated” by staff.

Should I go on?

The report, which follows reviews by the Care Quality Commission and the Department of Health, said that “unimaginable” suffering had been caused. Regulators said last year that between 400 and 1,200 more patients than expected may have died at the hospital from 2005 to 2008.

If you are unable to get satisfaction at a Government office normally one does not die. You may give up or try again tomorrow but when one does not get satisfactory health care people die. When I think of Obamacare this is what I see - With the Government running the show then one must accept what the Government does or try to get them to "hear" you. Their record has not been so good this year about "hearing" the desires of the people. Why would I imagine that will change.

Now I heard a story of somebody who did not have teeth and used somebody else's - nothing about a hospital not providing care - How much worse that story would of been had the entrance desk refused her entrance because teeth are not covered by Obamacare. At that point there would be no other options - it would be the end of that road. Even if Obamacare would provide teeth, if somebody does not go to get them and uses somebody else's teeth instead it is still the same story. Some people will not get care even if their is no doubts about it being free.

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