Speaker Boehner on Offensive Against Obama in Religious Freedom Battle

Barack Obama has instigated yet another firestorm over one of his abominable policy decisions.   Obama’s latest outrageous action is the rule which the Obama Administration put forth mandating that faith-based employers  --  including Catholic charities, schools, universities, and hospitals  --  provide services such as abortion-inducing drugs which they believe are immoral.   Such a religious freedom infringement imposed by Obama upon the American people is a result of the passage of the socialized medicine scheme called ObamaCare in early 2010. 

As a result, the calls cascading into the United States Capitol switchboard are unequaled since Obama rammed that very same unconstitutional pro-abortion ObamaCare law through the United States Congress by unconstitutional means. 

Speaker John Boehner, R-OH, spoke on the floor of the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday about what the Republicans intend to do to fight Obama’s latest abuse of power with the help of concerned Democrats and Independents such as Senator Joe Lieberman, I-CT.   Speaker Boehner said today:  “In recent days, Americans of every faith and political persuasion have mobilized in objection to a rule put forward by the Obama Administration that constitutes an unambiguous attack on religious freedom in our country.”

Speaker Boehner added, “In imposing this requirement, the federal government has drifted dangerously beyond its constitutional boundaries, encroaching on religious freedom in a manner that affects millions of Americans and harms some of our nation’s most vital institutions.  If the president does not reverse the Department’s attack on religious freedom, then the Congress, acting on behalf of the American people and the Constitution we are sworn to uphold and defend, must….This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand, and will not stand.”

In a display of how utterly out-of-touch the Democrats are in the United States Senate and in the White House, their Senate leader, Harry Reid, D-NV, said that the Democrat caucus “totally” supports Barack Obama’s forcing religious institutions to cover contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, etc. in employee health insurance plans.  And if these Catholic, or Baptist, etc. institutions refuse, they will be forced to pay huge fines, which of course would drive these hospitals, universities, etc. out of business.

The American people need to fully back Speaker Boehner in his battle to overturn this latest trampling of the religious freedom and constitutional rights of all Americans by Obama and his administration.