Sotomayor's problems on gun rights and abortion

It seems that the more information that becomes public on Sonia Sotomayor, the more cause for concern Americans would seem to have about the possibility of her sitting on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment.

During the past few weeks, she's made the rounds in the Senate, paying courtesy calls to various senators so they can "get to know her".  Of course, this is part of the usual PR plan for pretty much every Supreme Court nominee, regardless of party.  But as she's made these visits, she appears to be raising some eyebrows on some pretty important issues.

When it comes to gun rights, she seems to have some hostility to the Second Amendment, or at least the way in which the vast majority of Americans interpret it.

After her meeting with Senator Jim DeMint, he stated that she was "unwilling to say the Second Amendment protects a fundamental right that applies to all Americans, which raises serious questions about her view of the Bill of Rights".

Indeed, in the case of "Maloney v. Cuomo", she and her fellow appellate court judges ruled that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to state or local governments - an opinion that's in direct contrast with the view of the current Supreme Court in last year's "Heller" case, where it ruled that the Second Amendment provided all Americans with an individual right to keep and bear arms.  Given that the case was decided by a one vote margin, her thinking on this issue is very, very important.

One has to wonder how much jeopardy this issue could create to her nomination, given how many current Democrat senators there are representing so-called red, or even "purple" states.  I doubt many of them would like to have to run for re-election explaining to the folks back home why they supported a Supreme Court nominee that didn't believe they had an "individual" right to gun ownership.

Then there's the issue of abortion.

In her meeting with Senator DeMint, he asked her whether or not an unborn child had any rights whatsoever, to which she responded that she had never thought about it.  Huh?  Never "thought" about it?  That says (at least) one of two things about Sonia Sotomayor: 1) she's lying and she has "thought" about it, but doesn't want anyone to know what she "thinks" about it, for fear that it could cost her a seat on the Supreme Court, or 2) she never really has "thought" about such a weighty issue, which indicates either a lack of mental and philosophical depth or at least a lack of preparedness to be a Supreme Court Justice.

If she hasn't "thought" about the rights of the unborn, what other rights hasn't she thought about?

Hopefully, the Senate Republicans will make an effort to shed light on these and other issues in the coming confirmation hearings.


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