Setting the Record Straight on Obama

Lets set the record straight on a few misconceptions regarding Barack Obama’s positions 2 key issues for Christians.

 Barack Obama is merely “pro-choice”.

Fact- Obama promised Planned Parenthood that upon assuming the office of President, he would immediately sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would remove nearly all restrictions on abortion in America. Obama voted NO on prohibiting minors from crossing state lines to get an abortion. He voted NO on notifying parents of minors who cross state lines to obtain abortions. Obama voted NO on defining the unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. He declared pro-lifers objections on moral grounds “unproductive”. Obama has voted against banning partial birth abortion. Barack Obama says he hasn’t decided when life begins and went so far as to declare that expressing a view about when life begins was “above his pay grade”. Obama received a 100% grade from pro-abortion groups like NARAL, and a 0-mark from pro-life NRLC.

Here’s the ugly truth….Barack Obama is proactive in the assault on the unborn.

 Barack Obama is a defender of traditional marriage.

Fact- Obama may not want to change the definition of marriage. However he will not embrace the truth that God has declared it a sin and unacceptable behavior. (Even though he claims to be a Christian) He says he will not pass an amendment to the Constitution establishing the definition of marriage as One Man-One Woman, and he will not prohibit individual states from deciding for themselves, even though many states REFUSE to acknowledge those marriages within their state borders. This is a recipe for disaster and endless litigation and division.

Obama is wrong on this issue on many levels.


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