Senator/Criminal Ted Stevens' Failure to Resign after his Guilty Verdict before Election is a Key Example of Republican Failures

Senator Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in the United States Senate, refused pleas from his own party leaders to step down after his jury's guilty verdict and sealed his party's loss on November 4th.  Republican leaders such as presidential nominee John McCain, who said the Alaska senator had "broken his trust with the people" and vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin urged Stevens to resign before the election. 

Stevens' refusal to resign so another Republican could take his place on the ballot when he was indicted is a prime example of the greed and selfishness which has taken over much of the leadership of the Republican Party.  His stepping down from his seat in the Senate undoubtedly would have provided the Republicans in the Senate another vote to block the ungodly and abominable legislation coming out of the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress.

Senator Stevens was convicted just before the election of federal corruption charges joining a list of of Republicans convicted for corruption over the past few years.  Stevens was convicted for lying on his Senate financial disclosure forms in which he concealed more than a quarter of a million in gifts and home renovations from an oil field services company. 

Republicans are correct in pointing out that the Democrat Party allows their criminals to keep serving in Congress.  As just one example of this, after the United States Senate impeached former federal judge Alcee L. Hastings, he ran for the House of Representatives and the Democrats have kept him in power for some 16 years now. 

It will be interesting to see if the Democrat Party allows Congressman William J. Jefferson  --  the Congressman from Lousiana whose freezer was filled with tens of thousands of cold cash discovered by federal investigators and who has been indicted on numerous criminal charges  --  to keep his seat in Congress if he is convicted as is likely.  However, just because the Democrats allow criminals to keep their seats in Congress is no reason why the Republican Party needs to follow suit. 

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