Senate Democrats: Do as we say, not as we do

Today, the boundless hypocrisy of the Democrat Party was exposed yet again in the United States Senate.  Shortly after the Democrat sweep of the executive and legislative branches in Washington D.C. on November 4th, their rabid supporters were lusting for the Senate Democrat leaders to drive a stake into the heart of Senator Joe Lieberman, the Independent Senator from the state of Connecticut who has been voting in the Democrat caucus during the past two years. 

The reason for their hatred of Senator Lieberman is that, not only did he vote for Senator John McCain, but he accompanied the Republican presidential candidate all over the country in support of McCain's candidacy.  So these rabid Democrats wanted Senator Lieberman to be stripped of his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee where he has done an honorable job in helping President George W. Bush protect America from terrorists. 

However, when the Senate Democrats realized they could actually get a filibuster-proof Senate to pass virtually anything that they and Barack Obama want, IF the Democrats secured the Senate seats in Alaska  --  which they did tonight actually when Republican Senator Ted Stevens lost his reelection  --  and in Minnesota and Georgia where the Republican candidates have small leads, they decided by secret ballot today, and by a margin of over 3 to 1, that Senator Lieberman should keep his chairmanship afterall. 

Secret ballot.  That's how the Senate Democrats made their decision on Senator Lieberman because they did not want their rabid supporters  --  who are filled with rage and fury on the blogs tonight because of the vote to allow Senator Lieberman to keep his chairmanship  --  to know which ones of them actually voted FOR Senator Lieberman.

Yet, these same paragons of courage are mostly in support of the number one aim of the labor movement in the new 111th Congress  --  a labor movement which plowed hundreds of millions of dollars and man-hours into campaigning for Obama and Democrat congressional candidates  --  to pass legislation getting rid of secret ballots to determine whether employees want to be part of a union. 

The Orwellian-sounding name of the bill which will eliminate secret ballot elections  --  the method by which most workers join a union in the possible formation of unions  --  is the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act."  There absolutely be no free choice if this abominable bill is passed and Obama signs the bill into law since employees will be threatened by union goons to vote for a union in their place of employment or else.  Yes, there is nothing like the hypocrisy of the modern Democrat Party!

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