Sad News: Missing Dog Found Dead

Here is an update this writer didn’t want to report even though the readers should have learned this the moment the news was relayed through his family. Especially since so many of you took an active part in the search for the loveable gentle giant Olde English Bulldogge, Full Mastif Mix named, Typhoon, who had disappeared from his backyard. Your response was a tremendous source of encouragement to his ‘parents’ Ryan and Natasha Webster who live near Sacramento, and gave them hope that he might still be found.  The news was received on Saturday March 12th.

It was impossible to immediately write the sad conclusion of that story while enduring such a penetrating lashing of grief that virtually overcame me. A hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer could not have hurt more. Typhoon’s body was found this past Saturday. He drowned, having gone into a neighbor’s yard that had a pool and somehow must have fallen in. Because it was not used during the winter, the water was dark and murky.

Three weeks later his body floated to the top and was seen by the 8 year old child of the Websters, which of course was traumatizing for him and the entire family. They had checked that pool the best they could and even checked the Sacramento River which runs close to where they live, spending hours in a kayak. Big bulldog breeds cannot swim or keep their heads above water.

While this is extremely rough to go through, thank God it was a natural type of tragedy instead of someone abusing and killing him, which would have been even harder.

The family buried their beloved pet and companion in a little valley with, as his ‘mom’ Natasha said, “lots of flowers and love.”

Again, to our readers, thank you again for your efforts to find him. The family very much appreciated this. And a big thank you to all the news sites that picked up and carried the story, especially journalist Cathy Taibbi for featuring the story in and and to those of you who forwarded the story. We all gave our best efforts. Let us all pray that God will give Ryan, Natasha and their son extra strength as they continue to deal with this.

You can see a photo of Typhoon by going to the original story on: and also this website with the words,  “DogGone!!” in the headline.


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