Rocker's Viagra Overdose! What? Plus The Dotted Lines and Video

It was bound to happen and it did! According to the German news-site,The Local,Tom Kaulitz, a member of German pop band, Tokio Hotel believes in the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared." Anticipating a party with some groupies in Taiwan after a recording session, he got some Viagra and took not one, but several of the pills, which kept him at attention for two days, we are told. While MilesTones has not been able to fully verify this part even though told to us by a reliable source, he had been doing a remake CD of "A Hard Day's moving right along.....

In London, as a distressed man climbed to the top of a bridge to jump off he saw at the top a young woman also about to commit suicide, so he hastened his climb to get to her and save her from jumping. His saving her wound up saving him as the two clicked and are now engaged to be married...which gives a new slant on 'leaping into marriage'....Out of Springfield Missouri cometh the news that slaughtering horses for human consumption could resume, which means horse meat served in restaurants...that's really putting the a la carte before the horse....a truly international report informs us that FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy muscled Chancellor Angela Merkel by threatening to pull his country out of the euro currency union unless GERMANY helped GREECE with its debt crisis, a SPANISH newspaper reported Friday. Anybody from Ireland out there?

California has legalized marijuana use. Their reasoning is that legalizing it would bring in 18 to 105 Million in sales taxes...proving that on the Left Coast, whatever activity it is, if it's taxable, legalize it...Tiger Woods pulled out of the championships last week because, as the medical news-writers explained, he had a bulging THAT'S how his problem is defined...and did anybody catch the radio program where ultra-liberal Howard Stern stated, "I'll NEVER vote for a democrat again....democrats are communists...they are thugs for communism...they are gangsters!" Thus it was said Sternly. just reported that Queen Elizabeth wants to come to Ireland to visit a stud c'mon readers, I know exactly what you're stop it!. Let's move along...the big controversy over the cross out in the middle of the Mohave desert was settled with the Supreme Court ruling that the cross can remain standing. However, shortly after the ruling,, the cross was stolen! That's right, it is gone! In other 'No Prayer zone news, Georgia Senior Citizens Inc., were ordered by the government to cease all praying which includes a prayer before meals...while in Virginia, six chaplains for State Troopers lost their jobs for refusing to pray "nonsectarian prayers" which means they cannot pray in the name of Jesus, but that ruling was reversed meaning that now they CAN pray in the name of Jesus. MilesTones hopes that since the chaplains are now declared legal that nobody tries to steal THEM.

This last week celebrated an important date in 1901 when New York Governor Benjamin Barker Odell Jr., signed an auto registration bill which imposed a 15-mile-per-hour speed limit on highways...we still seem to be restricted to that speed on these California freeways...and Sunday, May 9th was not only Mother's Day, but another important day in history when in 1961, FCC Chairman Newton Minow spoke to the National Association of Broadcasters and decried the majority of television programming as "a vast wasteland." It is comforting that in this day and age of constant changes that some things DO stay the same.

Prime Minister Gordan Brown, a liberal of liberals just resigned his office in London and was replaced by a conservative...oh if only such a thing could happen on this side of the pond....former Protestant leader Margot KaBmann, who was busted for DUI can't let it go...speaking at an interfaith gathering in a Catholic Cathedral in Munich she described the birth control pill as..."God's gift." Yea and we've also been told that homosexuality is "a gift from God. When it comes to women being allowed to become priests and pastors...I've said it before and I will say it again.....on second though I don't think I will.

The inner Hebrides Islands in Scotland is being overrun by RABBITS...devouring crops and undermining historic structures. MilesTones has hopped into action to publish a new book titled, How To STOP Raising Rabbits...and Psychology Today carried a story by Dr. Leonard Sax, covering all areas of sex (more of it SHOULD be covered up) including traditional and homo-sex and why people do what they do. So if you are plagued by such questions, consult Dr. Sax on Sex....that's it...we're outta here! Time to take another long walk.

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