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Will You Stand With Israel?

The Christian Coalition of America is committed to the peace and security of Israel – and that means we must not allow our leaders to put America in a position of weakening Israel in the face of those who are committed to its destruction.

We believe as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “The problems of the region are not rooted in Israel.”  That is why the Christian Coalition of Michigan is calling on Americans and our government to “Stand with Israel”.

We will work at the state and national levels to advocate for passage of resolutions of support for Israel that recognize Israel’s right to exist as a state and homeland for the Jewish people, that support its right to defend its borders, and that recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

We pledge our public support for the peace and security of the nation of Israel, and we oppose any efforts to force Israel to compromise its national security. We call upon the President and our members of Congress to do the same and “Stand with Israel!”

We will work to support government policies and officials who support those principles.


Support Chick-fil-a on Wednesday, August 1st

In response to the attacks by liberal politicians on Chick-fil-a for comments by its President that he supports traditional marriage, Christian Coalition joins in the call to encourage all likeminded conservatives to show their support and patronize Chick-fil-a today!

Help demonstrate that there are more than enough American conservatives to make up the difference in any business that could be lost due to liberal boycotts.

Let them know that you appreciate a major American business that has leaders who aren’t afraid to take a stand for Christian principles!

Celebrate Independence Day - Host a Citizenship Sunday in Your Church

Christian Coalition of America wishes you and your family a Happy Independence Day!

In honor of Indepence Day, we encourage you to join us in reading and sharing our nation's Declaration of Independence:

Help Us Tweet for Voter Guides

If you are a Twitter user, you can help us spread the word about our 2012 voter guide campaign simply by clicking your mouse!

Let me explain.

We have created a Twitter campaign page on our site called “Tweet for Voter Guides!”, and it makes it easy for you to encourage leading conservatives on Twitter to post an update to their followers letting them know about our voter guides, and to encourage them to sign up.

You simply click here to visit the page, and then click any of the images of familiar conservatives you see there. 

When you do, your Twitter page will come up with a personalized custom message already created for you to send to them and encourage them to tell their followers about our Voter Guide program.

The 2012 election is fast approaching - and the more people that we sign up to receive and distribute voter guides to others, the more Americans we can help educate before they go to the polls this November.

Contact members of Congress on Twitter

Are you on Twitter?  If so, you can use our new Congressional Twitter Directory to get in touch with members of Congress who are also on Twitter - and encourage others to do the same as well.

Our directory includes all congressional Republicans and Democrats who maintain Twitter accounts, and is organized by state, making it easier for you to find who you are looking for.

Click here and check it out.  And be sure to pass the word on to others and let them know about it as well.

By speaking out to elected officials on Twitter, you make it more likely that others who think like you do may help spread the message as well.

So begin speaking out today - and help spread the word!

You did it!

You did it!  You made it happen!

All across America, millions of pro-family conservatives flocked to the polls and took part in the most historic US election since the Great Depression.

They came out in support of candidates who responded to their calls for leadership that will stand against an intrusive and big spending government, and for traditional values.

The result demonstrates the true power of America’s largest voting bloc.

In the months leading up to the election, the Christian Coalition leveraged the power of the Internet and social media to educate voters with a combination of online advertising in targeted states and viral online tools that empowered conservative activists.

Within recent months we launched new online tools such as:

  • A “Voter Guides” tab for Facebook pages
  • A “Donate Your Status” application to promote voter guides on Facebook and Twitter
  • A Coalition toolbar for web browsers
  • A voter guide widget that enabled supporters to crowd-source voter guide distribution

In the end, our job was to provide the tools.  You provided the manpower.

As a result, we connected with hundreds of thousands of additional conservatives, identified tens of thousands of new activists and our voter guides were seen by millions of voters all across the country.

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Supreme Court Needs to Review Religious Employment Case

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year continued and increased the assault on people of faith in their decision on March 10th overturning a lower federal court judge's decision which had dismissed a frivolous lawsuit brought by a teacher against her former church-owned school.  The federal district court judge dismissed the teacher's lawsuit based on "ministerial exception."
As the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty says in its request last Friday to the United States Supreme Court that it review the 6th Circuit Court First Amendment-stifling decision:  "The federal courts of appeals have long recognized the 'ministerial exception,' a First Amendment doctrine that bars most employment-related lawsuits brought against religious organizations by employees performing religious functions.  The circuits are in complete agreement about the core applications of this doctrine to pastors, priests, and rabbis."

Liberals Begin Their Annual Christmas Assault

Apparently it is never too early for liberals to begin their annual assault on Christmas and Christian values.  This is at the very same time liberals are urging Muslims to build their Ground Zero Mosque almost across the street from where Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3,000 innocent souls on 9-11, the annivesary of which is this coming Saturday.
Right outside Washington D.C. in Loudoun County, the board of supervisors is considering a proposal to ban all seasonal holiday displays including Christmas trees, manger scenes, Menorahs, etc. on the grounds of the county courthouse.
A group which defends Christians and others in court in religious discrimination cases  --  the Rutherford Institute  --  is speaking out.  Its president, John W. Whitehead, wrote in a letter to the county supervisors that the proposed ban will only serve to heighten community tensions and "could reflect a hostility toward religion on the part of the Board of Supervisors, as well as an intolerance for the diverse makeup of the residents of Loudoun County."

Alaska Joins 36 States in Voting for Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions

The voters in Alaska on Tuesday voted for Measure 2, a ballot proposal which would allow parental notication before their teen-age daughter has an abortion.  Alaska now joins 36 other states with a commonsense pro-life law and abortionists will now have to give parents of a minor girl 48 hours notice before performing an abortion on her.

There was a wide margin of victory for Measure 2 in Alaska.  Some 55.5% of Alaskan voters voted for the initiative whereas only 44.4% of voters voted against the measure.  In addition, the Sarah Palin-endorsed Senate candidate, Joe Miller, a West Point graduate and Gulf War I veteran, who ran in the Alaska Republican primary against Senator Lisa Murkowski and apparently has beaten her, credits his victory, in part, to the pro-life voters who voted for Measure 2.

Find out how your members of Congress voted!

How did your members of Congress vote on some of the most important issues we face today?

We have made it easier to answer that question with our new 2011 Congressional Scorecards, which are now available on our website.  Click here and download your copy today.

Our scorecards rate members of Congress on some of the most important issues that we face today:

issues that are important to our families and to the conservative movement.

Covered issues include:

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