The Right NOT To Kill?

The Right NOT to kill?

Will Barack Obama turn America into an even more brutal killing field than it already is?  Will physicians and nurses and other hospital personnel be allowed to NOT kill unborn babies in an Obama administration?  These are questions which come to mind as the administration of President George W. Bush offiicially released the final rules to protect the freedom of medical providers; albeit very very late in his administration.

This morning, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the rules which willl allow medical providers to obey their consciences and not to kill unborn babies or to do anything which leads to the deaths of unborn children.  The Federal Register will publish the new rules to protect those who have moral objections to abortion  --  America's Holocaust  --  tomorrow and they will take effect 30 days after publication on January 20, 2009 at 12:01 a.m. 

Some 50 million innocent unborn children have been brutally killed by abortionists since THE most infamous Supreme Court decision in history, Roe vs. Wade, in January 1973.  Naturally, radical pro-abortion groups  --   which this year supported the candidacy of THE most pro-abortion presidential candidate in American history  --  flooded the HHS with form letters opposing these commonsense rules.  Some 132 pro-life Members of Congress had urged the Bush Administration to administer such rules and President Bush is to be commended for doing so. 

Incredibly, a recent poll showed that over 42% of the American people believe that a doctor is actually obligated to either provide or refer for abortion.  In actuality, for 35 years now, doctors and other medical personnel have had federal laws protecting their freedom of conscience. 

The new Bush regulations are just intended to clarify this issue, so more Americans will know that medical personnel have the right to refuse to participate in the gruesome procedure of abortion, and more importantly that such regulations are enforced throughout America.  Americans will not tolerate an Obama Administration interfering in these commonsense and important regulations. 

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