"Piranha Perrelli": Obama's #3 Justice pick

Unfortunately, many of the key positions in the upcoming Obama Administration are being filled with the type of people the pro-life movement have dreaded:  pro-abortion zealots.  The latest announcement by the Obama transition team that Thomas J. Perrelli has been selected by Barack Obama for the No. 3 Justice Department job is further evidence to justify such fears.

Mr. Perrelli, was the rabid attorney who was determined to put to death Terri Schiavo; specifically to do all he could do to help her cheating husband remove her feeding tube during the landmark so-called "right to die" case in early 2005.  Christian Coalition of America's supporters and many others in the pro-life movement worked tremendously hard to prevent that event from occurring, but in the end, failed to prevent "Piranha Perrelli"  --  a moniker attached to him by many pro-lifers  --  and his fellow pro-abortion henchmen from killing this innocent Florida woman.

Among the many elected officials who were heroes in trying to keep Terri Schiavo alive were House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Republican from Texas, and Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush.  The President of the Christian Coalition of America, Roberta Combs, wrote in a Good Friday letter to Governor Bush on March 25, 2005:  "I would like to commend you for everything that you have done to try and save the life of Terri Schiavo.  Your willingness to go the 'extra mile' for Terri and her family is to be commended.  We appreciate everything that you have done for standing up on the side of 'life.'"

Majority Leader DeLay helped ensure an overwhelming vote during Easter weekend for a bill urging the federal courts to review this case.  The "Terri Schiavo Law" passed the House of Representatives with over 70% of the vote; by a margin of 203-58.  After the United States Senate passed the House bill without any objections, President George W. Bush signed the bill into law.  Barack Obama said during last year's Democrat presidential primary debates that he made a mistake in not trying to stop the bill. 

Obama's Justice Department pick, Mr. Perrelli, was fanatical in his desire to see Terri Schiavo put to death as evidenced by his statement to "The Los Angeles Times" in 2005:  "During that period, we had five to six people working round the clock.  I slept 20 hours in eight days." 

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is surrounding himself with pro-abortion zealots not dedicated to reducing abortions, but to removing whatever restrictions to abortions they might find.  As a result, there will be many battles ahead for the pro-life movement during the next four years. 

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