Pro-Life Never Before in Olympics--Until Now

2010 Army Ten Miler--Run-up to 2012 Olympics in Britain


File:2010 Army Ten Miler Start.jpgThe 2012 Olympic stars are famous now. We can all remember swimmer Ryan Lochte, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, swimmer Missy Franklin, decathlete Ashton Eaton, volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, wrestler Jordan Burroughs, and (the ‘Oh-So’ hope of Olympic dreams) soccer goalie Hope Solo. But does anyone actually remember shot-put medalist  Reese Hoffa?

Reese as an early Bronze medalist,  with the flurry of medal wins by the USA towards the end, seemed forgotten. After his incredible victory, and finally in the camera spotlight, he described the cause dear to his heart.

The opportunity presented itself, and he grabbed the platform to proclaim the virtues of adoption. His third and last Olympics, he won the Bronze. In front of the world’s cameras, the first thing he does was to urge ‘children-lacking’ parents to consider adoption.

Hoffa’s life story is worth the read. This win in the Olympics propelled Hoffa into telling adoptive parents at the National Adoption Day celebration in Florida. He specifically told parents that they could transform kids’ lives. This from the guy who failed to advance to the finals in the 2004 Athens Olympics, and finished 7th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He evidently wasn’t done.

Hoffa, with adoptive mother Cathy McManus. [Courtesy Reese Hoffa]


It’s indicative of a secularized media—even for the Olympics—not to transmit Reese’s words to adoptive parents. Listening to Reese after his medal win, his comments about adoption always seemed deleted. While the Olympics continued on, all his comments were later silenced.

Hopefully, they realize in the US alone, there are at least 115,000 children in foster care awaiting adoption. You will likely never hear about any success stories from adoptions, many of which could, or would have been abortions. Simply because they were unwanted.

With two moms--a Black and a Wite one--Hoffa (Augusta/Ga), won the first 'track and field' medal for the US in the Olympics. He said: "To now being a son of two moms, I guess, and getting a medal, it’s awesome."

He lived in an orphanage for 1 year. Adopted by a family with 4 four kids, they had another naturally after he moved in.

"I’m standing here as not only a three-time Olympian, but a graduate of the University of Georgia, and hopefully a pretty good person. I’m a very lucky guy, because it could have gone the other way." Shot putter Reese Hoffa dedicated his medal to both of his moms.

From Mother Angelica (EWTN Founder), “God from all eternity chose you to be where you are at this time in history to change the world.”

Instead of aborted, or left to languish in the dregs of society, adoptive parents will many times raise Olympians like Reese Hoffa or Scott Hamilton. They will raise innovators like Steve Jobs, and successful entrepreneurs like Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas. Each of these figures was adopted. But every child, no matter his ultimate potential, is a precious gift made in the image of God. That child deserves the love of a family.

Even before the Olynpic Games were over, Hoffa’s bronze medal was pushed into the ‘dustbin of history’. Somebody will remember this Olympic win though, and his lifelong record that includes giving others the chance of a lifetime. All from giving hope to a child of a long and fruitful life from a loved-filled adopted home.


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