Prez's NY Photo-op B/4 Vegas

Gov.Chris Christie Greets Obama in NJ
Gov. Chris Christie Greets Obama in NJ-Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post


Demonstrators against US President Barack Obama stage a "Tea Party" protest in Staten Island, New York

by Rev. Austin Miles

NEWARK,NJ (11/1/12) Obama made a trip to New Jersey to speak to the people, reassure them that all would be well, and had several photos taken with Governor Chris Christie.

The chummy photos, of course, were immediately picked up world wide along with quotes from Gov. Christie extolling Obama for his prompt response to bring aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and "for showing true leadership."

Christie, a Republican overdid it in his profuse adulation [which] as expected, was recorded for the world to see just in time for election day. A gift to The One.

Obama ONLY visited New Jersey. He avoided New York and Staten Island, the hardest hit area of all. There would not have been the photo-op there, plus, he was in a hurry to reboard his plane and fly to Vegas.

Once he got his photos and useful new endorsement, which fulfilled his purpose, he then took off to his favorite playground in Nevada which is where he is presently.

As of today, no aid nor government provision has showed up to help the people as Obama promised.

This columnist wrote a previous story, "Obama Uses Storm for Campaign," which can be seen on this news-site, or by going to:

It details the shameless way he has used this national disaster to help his election, including the staging of a question in his White House briefing regarding the devastating storm. The readers will be astonished at what member of the 'press' asked the question followed by the prepared answer.

That story concluded with this line: "No doubt, he is miffed because he cannot get out of Washington during this devastating storm to go to Vegas to take it easy and play a few rounds of golf until the whole thing blows over." And that is exactly what he did as soon as he could get out of Washington, with a quick stop in New Jersey.

This writer has advantageous insight into the imposter in the White House as well as the Communist Party USA who he represents and who was his main sponsor in placing him in The Oval Office.

Obama has never been referred to in these columns as President Obama. He is not a legitimate president. He lacks every qualification for holding that office. The word, Prez, as used in the headline, is a figure of speech only.

His visit to New Jersey (on the way to Vegas) to 'comfort the people' was about as sincere as an undertaker trying to look sad at a $10,000 funeral.

Why Governor Christie allowed himself to be "a useful idiot" for Obama while fawning over him is beyond logic. What a disappointment to someone who hoped Gov. Christie would eventually run for president.

Do not sit out this election. America is the one country preventing the planned 'one world order,' under communism. This is the crucial election that will either swing open the doors to let this in, or to prevent such an atrocity from happening.

It is up to you.

God bless America and keep her intact.