Prayers for Our "Let's Take America Back" Campaign

Dear Prayer Partners,

We as Christians must never forget the Lord God and His power to redeem and deliver as we daily see the stability of America degenerating before our very eyes. Our God is alive and hears the prayers of His people. We must never let the fear of man bring a snare to any one of us because our faith is not in man but God Almighty.

Our President Roberta Combs and staff here at the Christian Coalition of America want to encourage you to continue to pray and get involved in the issues facing America and in our campaign "LETS TAKE AMERICA BACK". We need each one of you to help us spread the word to help in our endeavor to save America. We all have a Godly obligation to be involved in our freedoms that we have taken for granted through the years.

Please pray for all elected officials and the upcoming elections, starting in Washington, DC down to our local elected officials. Pray for Christians full of Godly wisdom to be elected.

Pray for Israel and her protection and our military and each family, for safety and blessings, especially for the children of our military families.

Pray for all terrorist to be exposed and dealt with. Pray that all threats to America be uncovered and dismantled.

Pray for the National debt. Please pray the fear of God Almighty fills the hearts of any one that would hurt America or take advantage of us.

Pray for this worst environmental disaster in US history and that we find a way to fix it now. Pray for all those involved and for our people who have lost lives, jobs and businesses because of this and our environment.

Pray for the many elected officials that are taking a stand for our "NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER". Pray for success in this matter.

Pray for Elena Kagan, who is up for the Highest Court of our land. Ask the Lord if there is anything that needs to be uncovered to show us, before she is sworn in. If she is not the best, ask the Lord to raise that person up quickly in Jesus name. Pray for our elected officials that are taking a stand to repeal the "OBAMACARE" in Jesus name.

Please pray for a worldwide move of the Holy Spirit to heal and revive again in Jesus name. Remember all the prayer requests that are asked of us: death of loved ones, financial loss, suicide, car wrecks, cancer, miscarriages, divorce, jobs in America, salvation of loved ones, good ministries to be blessed financially, pastors and ministers, grief, depression, hatred, prejudice, harboring resentment, and all types of diseases.

Please pray for healing and blessings on each family involved in the Christian Coalition of America.

We thank each of you for your dedication and love for this nation we call America, the land of the free. May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to be faithful to Him and as an intercessor for our Nation, the world and this organization.

With Warmest Love and Blessings,

Linda Blankenship
National Prayer Coordinator
Christian Coalition of America



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