Prayer Slowed Hurricane Irene--Bloomberg Stops 9-11 Memorial Prayers

The world's leading climate experts determined that Hurricand Irene would slam New York City and surrounding areas with a devastating force not seen there in history.

New York began shutting down and people evacuated the city for the first time. The total destruction expected would cripple NY and our economy to the extent that the USA could come to an end.

After the storm passed over New York with minimul effect, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other leaders in New York and New Jersey were criticized and accused of 'overreacting" to a possible emergency.

It was a proper action. The storn trackers were correct in their assessment. However, America once again took to effectual fervent prayer and with some minor exceptions, New York City was saved. This was a factual display of the power of prayer.

There were other examples this past couple of weeks. As the Indianapolis State Fair was about to open, the headline attraction, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles, known as Sugarland Duo, was about to go on stage when the stage manager, Hellen Rollens noticed the threatening skis and called them back as they were about to go on stage, along with their musicians, for a quick circle of prayer.

A split second later, a 70-mph wind gust slammed the stage and steel over-hang causing it to collapse, killing five people and injuring dozens more. TV viewers from around the world saw it happen.

That split second decision to stop and pray before going on the stage saved Sugarland, the musicians and crew from certain death. Another example of the power of prayer.

In the history of America, prayer was a vital force. With God as the focus of the new country, America quickly prospered and became the most powerful force in the world.

But when Prayer was declared illegal in the public schools in 1963, chaos replaced it. The crime rate climbed 100% within the first year America said essentially, "God, we don't want you or your hand upon us."

Then in 1972, God was grieved when Roe vs. Wade, the legalization of abortion for any reason, including inconvenience, was passed by The U.S. Surpreme Court.

As the Democrat Socialists declared all out war against God, and has deliberately insulted God, weather patterns have gone crazy and there is even chaos in the Cosmos that has never been seen before and the once robust American economy has collapsed.

By kicking God out of our lives, America was attacked by a foreign nation on our soil for this first time in our history on 9/11/01. And the attack took place in New York City and Washington, D.C.

It was prayer that soothed the nation and New York City and it was welcomed. Now, N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose politics should be obvious, has blocked Christian clergy from taking part in the upcoming 10th Anniversary 9-11 Observance as well as forbidding prayers to be said at the Memorial.

With so much effort to remove all references of God and Jesus Christ from our society, when that day happened, some people asked angrily, "Where was God on 9/11?"

Interesting. America said, "we want nothing to do with you God, so leave us alone...get out of our lives. We want to be free of you." Yet they get angry because God, whom they did not want, would not save them. They rejected God, yet they expected His protection.

I disagree with those colleagues who stated that God did this to us to punish us for our sins. That is a distorted view of God. People told Him to get away from them and their lives, so God simply left and lifted his Hand of protection as they wanted. He didn't cause the attack.

We seem to have forgotten that it was God's Divine blessings that made this country great. Our Founding Fathers looked to God for guidance and we were not ashamed to call His name.

New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't want God, doesn't need God. He thinks he is too independent for God. And he mistakingly thinks that his city does not need the Hand of God upon it.

Bloomberg has wealth, power, fame, and some education, but he is an arrogant stupid man. And he will think of this when he finds himself sobbing and groveling in the dust.

Check back for upcoming story, "Must We Forgive Those Muslims Who Attacked Us?"





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