To Our Prayer Partners,

We are very blessed to have Senator Graham, a Christian in Washington, DC that stands for what he believes is not only right, but critical for the economy and survival of America as we know it today.

Senator Graham has taken a huge stand against several issues, especially the energy crisis that puts our American money in the hands of those that want to destroy Israel and America, OUR ENEMIES. Because of his stand he has come under great opposition. I am asking our intercessors to lift up Senator Graham and ask the Lord to protect him from the stress and to give him increased strength and increase his wisdom with understanding to bring these jobs and the energy money sent abroad back to America and to our people.

Ask the Lord to lift up a standard against his enemies and anoint him how to get the job done. Thank the Lord as he walks through this fire and these waters, they will not overtake him or burn him for HE TRUSTS in the Lord and will never be dismayed in this battle.

Also ask the Lord to anoint him with fresh oil from the Holy Spirit, to increase his boldness in Jesus name and ask the Lord to use him in a greater way to serve America.

Lord we also ask you to let Senator Graham be heard all across America and that intercessors and watchmen on the walls never quit praying for him until this battle is won in Jesus name. Increase honor and favor on Senator Graham's life and let him know we love him, are very thankful for him and will continue to lift him up in prayer for total victory.

Thank each of you for praying. May you be blessed today greatly from the throne room in Jesus name.

Please take authority over every spirit that would like to destroy America and bind them to outer darkness and ask Jesus to fill every vacancy with the Holy Spirit for recovery for America and each family in America in Jesus name. Amen.

Linda Blankenship
National Prayer Coordinator
Christian Coalition of America




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