Political correctness run amok

Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it does.  It seems like Americans these days are living in two separate universes.  The overwhelmingly majority of the American people (conservatives, independents, Tea Party supporters, etc.) believe that the country is going in the wrong direction.  On the other hand, over half of Democrats believe the nation is going in the right direction.
Most Americans from the first universe will be outraged when they hear the story about the Florida teacher, Jerry Buell, who won Teacher of the Year honors, and who was suspended because he voiced opposition to homosexual "marriage" on his personal Facebook account.  The 22-year veteran teacher who was taken out of the classroom is now being represented by the Liberty Counsel.
The First Amendment gives Jerry Buell constitutional rights to say what he said; that he "almost threw up" in response to a news story about homosexual "marriages".  He also called such couplings part of a "cesspool" and maintained that they were a sin.
The fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with him is evidenced by the fact that those states which have "allowed" their citizens to vote on the matter of banning homosexual "marriages" have unanimously passed state constitutional amendments banning them.  Thus far 31 out of 31 states have passed such referendums and more are expected to ban homosexual "marriages" during the next few years.  Indeed, the number is approaching the 38-state mark, the number needed to ratify a federal constitutional amendment banning homosexual "marriages."
The Liberty Counsel said in Mr. Buell's defense:  "Public school teachers are not constitutional orphans. They, like all Americans, enjoy the freedom to engage in discourse about matters of public concern. Mr. Buell is being investigated and punished for communicating his mainstream objection to homosexual marriage, an objection shared by a large majority of his fellow Floridians who have outlawed homosexual marriage through a constitutional amendment. If the First Amendment does not protect Mr. Buell's right to voice his personal opinion, on his personal time, from his personal computer, on his personal Facebook page, then the First Amendment means nothing."
Even Howard Simon, Florida state chapter executive director of the extreme left-wing ACLU said regarding the suspension of Jerry Buell:  "Mr. Buell should not be subject to disciplinary action by his employer for expressing his views."  That should be self-evident to any American with commonsense.

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