I wish I were wrong, but I'm certain I am not, and will continue to be certain unless someone proves me that I'm dead wrong. But please don't use farfetched arguments or your selective perception of reality to feel comfortable in the phantasy world of "Wonderland". Moeover, before evluating the above issue, please answer yourself each one of the following questions:

A: Does it look as if the real Power behind the power is following a well coordinated plan to use the pretext of "saving" the USA economy in order to control it first, and then own it?

B: If they accomplish the goal of owning our economy, will they own us, too?

C: Will you be able to enjoy political freedom if you don't have financial independencde, too?

D Why have the worshipers of the false Gods of the New Era ("Mother Earth" and "Mother Nature" among others) worked so hard to stagnate OUR economy?

E: Why do they take us for brainless puppets when they seek to make us believe that the OPEC Countries are not even in this Planet,  but in another galaxy?

F: Can't American scientists find the thechnology to reduce or eliminate the undesirable emissions that other peoples don't care for? Aren't the OPEC Countries in the same Planet we are?

G: Contradictorily, why do enviromentalists insist on finding the technology to eliminate or reduce the emissions of coal when they promote the so called "clean coal energy" instead of drilling for OUR oil?

H: You don't have to be an "expert" to make the following test: Fill one container with gasoline and the other with coal. If you set fire on both, you will unquestionably notice that one will produce a bluish and almost invisible flame while the other will produce black smoke. Which is cleaner?

I: After both materials are completely consumed by fire, one will have left no residue while the other will have produced ashes. Which is cleaner?

J: Why do the worshipers of "Mother Earth" and "Mother Nature" histerically haul at the moon each time they hear the popular clamor: "Drill oil here! Drill oil now!". 

K: Remember that it was not wild "capitalism" what made our economy the greatest one in history. It was FREE ENTERPRISE! Or was it?

L: Yes. We used to have clear anti-trust laws that worked because the Government enforced them. Although they could not guarantee that self starters would be successful, said anti-trust laws guaranted us the oportunity to compete equally. Am I wrong?

M: Will the left wingers accomplish the conquer of the last obstacle in the way of Marxism? Isn't said obstacle the USA economy?

N: Is a dog more intelligent than a cat? If allowing the masters who feed us to program us, too, tere's no doubt that the dog is the intelligent one. However, analyze the following: "A cat is able to survive by himself in any hostile environment where no dog can unless he's part of a pack?  How much do you appreciate your INDEPENDENCE?

May God bless [and save] America


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