PLAGIARISM OF A JOKE by Miami's Satiric Ghost ("Satirito")


A "believer" had just passed away. He anxiously pushed the door of Heaven and rushed in. For his surprise, the receptionist was Barrack Obama. With his charming smile, the host showed the premisses to the newcomer: Beautiful gardens, pieceful chapels, and angels and religious souls singing beautiful christian hymns.

The newcomer said: "At last I have achieved my goal and I am where I wanted to spend eternity"

Obama asked him: "Why don't you take a tour in Hell, also? You' ve got nothing to lose and will be able to go back to Earh and preach about the real difference".

Although the Soul said "No", the receptionist managed to convince him to take the tour before deciding where he wanted to spend eterinity, but advised him that whatever decision he took, there would be no way back.

Hell was more beautiful. In the middle of a peaceful valley by the beach there were dream clubhouses sorounded by gardens  and flowerbeds.  There were piano-shaped swimming pools,  gyms, saunas, tennis courts, libraries, theaters, dance sudios, music rooms, game rooms, and lots of extremely attractive girls who smiling begged of him to be his girfriends. Then, as he returned to Heaven, he told Obama that he wanted to go to Hell.

But the real place was not what he had seen before. He was shoeless and the ground was covered with sharp thorns, burning pebbles, huge  scorpios, aggressive rats, and poisonous snakes. The rocks were enormous pieces of burning coal, and a little devil poured burning oil over his shaved head while Satan pinched him with his trident.

While the poor man was in torment, Obama came to welcome him. The fleeced soul, then, asked for an explanation.

Showing an ear-to ear smile, the deceiver explained: "What you had seen first was just a paid liberal political advertisement!".



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