Pitty party for Justice Breyer

Justic Steven Breyer is venting about being on the losing end of major decisions during the recent Supreme Court Term:

SAN FRANCISCO—The Supreme Court's most recent term was a difficult one, Justice Stephen Breyer said Saturday, because he found himself on the losing end of several key cases. "I was in dissent quite a lot and I wasn't happy," Breyer said at the American Bar Association's annual meeting. Breyer was one of four liberal justices who dissented in cases involving abortion rights, school integration and pay discrimination. In the school case, in which the court struck down student assignment plans in Louisville, Ky., and Seattle, his frustration bubbled over in a lengthy dissent that was twice as long as any he had written in his 13 years on the court.

Well boo-hoo. I'm sure we're all just broken up over the fact that one of the most liberal members of the Supreme Court is upset about being in the minority. Sounds to me like the Roberts Court is heading in the right direction. It probably also means that, after having had some time to work up close with Roberts and Alito, Breyer has gotten a pretty good idea about their conservative bonifides...and, given their relative youth, knows that it means he's likely to be on the losing end more often than not, now that O'Connor's gone. Good news for conservatives.

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