Phyllis Schlafly's Obama-Religion Book Nails It!

Phyllis Schlafly's Obama-Religion Book Nails It!

Washington : DC : USA | Dec 11, 2012 at 7:58 PM PST
Courtesy of Regnery Publishers
Phyllis Schlafly's New Book


Courtesy of Regnery Publishers

Book Review by Rev. Austin Miles

Fasten your seat belts: Finally the missing information on the occupier of The White House has been gathered and published that fully identifies who Obama is and what he is about, complete with documentation that cannot be disputed. This is the information that Obama has paid lawyers over 2 million dollars to conceal.

Ms. Schlafly's book, "No Higher Power--Obama's War on Religious Freedom," (Regnery Publishing, Inc.-Washington, D.C.-$27.95) is positively the best resource available to define the identity of a man whose background is clouded in secrecy. And for good reason.

The author's solid legal background enabled her to research and examine all the evidence, presented with such compelling force, that readers will not want to put the book down. It is jam packed with fascinating facts about "The One" who has deceived the world.

This work is not just about Obama's war on the Christian religion. Names of those who mentored and groomed him are spotlighted with full details.

Chapter five show that Saul Alinsky not only took Obama under his wing, but was a father figure to him--it has been considered in other accounts that Alinsky is possibly Obama's real father.

On page 68, Alinsky's tactics are explained by him as he first tells his students, "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have." He then lists his recommended tactics that are fascinating. This list is like a cross between The Communist Manifesto and Sun Tzu's-The Art of War.

It is startling to see how we have all been manipulated by psychological tricks, newspaper stories and how to ridicule your opponents and provoke "irrational anger." Alinsky goes on to instruct; "A mass impression can be lasting and intimidating."

All of these skillful ingenious tactics placed Obama in The Oval Office without a trace of identification or personal background. You will slap your forehead with the palm of your hand.

You will see how Jim Wallis, publisher of "Sojourners, the flagship publication for Obama's longstanding "dupe-the-Protestants" operation. (pg.75) And how Wallis is financed by George Soros, who subsidized, "Protestant front groups."

The author correctly states, "Obama has compiled a record of hostility to religion that is unmatched by any other president in American history." The numerous examples documented are shocking, taking place while America sleeps as though in a hypnotic trance state.

Chapter five begins: "Barack Obama's interest in religion is in direct proportion to his ability to manipulate it--a political calculus that he absorbed through his study of the life, thought and methods of Saul Alinsky, a radical socialist from Chicago who established the Industrial Areas Foundation in the 1940s."
The chapter,The Great Con, tells it all; How he deceived 'values voters" by "adopting a tone of religious uplift and coaching his policies in terms of The Golden Rule."

On page 16 in the chapter, "One Nation Under Obama," the very best explanation of the "separation of church and state" or "Wall of Separation," shows how that phrase has been manipulated to virtually make churches illegal. It is our hope that one or more of the public law centers such as Thomas More, ACLJ, Pacific Justice or Alliance Defense Fund will open a case regarding this totally misused phrase, which of course, fits right into the tactics as outlined by Alinsky. Master Manipulation that has been thrust upon us can and must be stopped.

No Higher Power, with Contributing Editor, George Neumayr should be considered required reading. It gives the ammunition necessary to remove Obama from office which must be done before January 21st. He is NOT president until he is sworn in on that date. Time is growing short.

This column concludes with four numbers: 1776!