Pennsylvania Case Shows Illogic of Abortion Laws

An awful story out of Pennsylvania gives occasion to think about the illogic of abortion laws in our country and, in this case, how the only difference between homicide and legal activity is the feelings of the would-be mother.

Via LifeNews:

A teenager in Pennsylvania has entered a guilty plea in a case where he is accused of an attempted forced abortion where he tried to spike his girlfriend's drink. The unnamed teen laced the drink with a drug normally used to abort pregnancies in cows that appears to have been stolen.

He tainted the girls' drink on March 31 at Williamsburg High School and authorities considered the crime an aggravated assault against both the girl and her unborn child. ...

He admitted that the teenager was unsure what to do when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant and his friends gave him the idea of stealing the bovine drug to use in an attempt to force the young woman to have an abortion.

The judge in the case asks, "The question is why, and what can we do so these things don't happen again."  Of course the answer is as plain as the nose on our collective faces.  We cheapen life in this country.  From abortion laws, to assisted-suicide to the coming rationing of health-care, we cheapen life.

Why be surprised when that attitude trickles down to our young.

Again, it's an awful situation, and we're glad to read in the story that the girl and her now one year old child are doing fine.  But the case does serve as a sorry reminder of the "progress" liberals have made in our country over the past few generations.

As the article points out, this isn't the first sort of attack we've seen on pregnant women.  The Laci and Conner Peterson case being the most famous recent example.

Thankfully, Pennsylvania is one of about three dozen states that has an unborn-victims of violence law that does provide some measure of justice in these kinds of cases.  The type of laws that the liberals who brought us this "progress" fought against.

The illogic comes in when you consider that (rightfully) what he did was against the law and he'll be punished for the harm he intended to inflict on an unborn child...but if the same girl had instead been on her way to a clinic and allowed someone there to use chemicals to successfully inflict that same harm, it would be perfectly legal.

Our nation's conscious when it comes to innocent life (unborn or infirm) has grown callous.  And this is the result.

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