Out of the frying pan - overshooting opposition to statism landing in anarchy - Legalizing Marijuana

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Big Government has a post today by Kristen Davis Why I Support Legalizing Marijuana Now

Many of the responsibilities of Government has been miss governed. Immigration is in a state of SNAFU. Legal immigration is in such state that it is nearly impossible - literally near the point that legal immigrants are sympathetic to illegal immigrants. The war on drugs has turned into a way to raise revenue to the state by taking possessions - they even threaten to take money from attorneys who receive money for a legal defense and its application is not limited to cases where drug money is involved. What Kristen Davis states, "stuffed our prisons full of nonviolent people and saddled our state with outlandish incarceration costs for decades," is true to add to that prison has never cured an alcoholic and prison will never cure somebody addicted to another substance - but should we give up on these people? or actually try something different to give them a 2nd chance.

Overshooting the failed Government efforts - if one were cynical they would say failed on purpose - can create problems as big as the failed Government efforts.

Marijuana is an additive substance that effects people in such a way as to change their nature of what is right and what is wrong. Do we really want to change society in this direction?

Those who support legalizing marijuana will point towards alcohol - which actually is not totally legalized - children can not buy or consume it. If marijuana is legalized then their will be another drug that is used to self medicate against lack of joy in people's lives. Another drug besides alcohol or marijuana to nullify ones conscience. Should people be forced to live unfulfilled lives or in a state of guilt over ones past. No, they can be taught how to become fulfilled and experience true joy in their lives - and yes this normally means a change for the better of themselves and those around them.

The war on drugs and war on illegal immigration need to be changed - but a change to a state of no control is not a solution - no control would be landing in the fire. It would devastate lives.

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