A OPINION / Death Sex And Vampires

 It would seem that in my opinion, that this Gay Rights movement see's no respect to children or to what God and Country is all about. It would seem to my opinion, that if Gays wish to be seen, then go ahead and get your self logged into that box created by Government Officials just for Gays. Government officials state they support you, but is it just to get the vote....?

A OPINION / Death Sex And Vampires



Haejeon Jessica Lee


Published: June 2, 2012

 “ABRAHAM LINCOLN WAS A WOMAN!” In 2002, a cover story in The Weekly World News reported that a cache of Mathew Brady daguerreotypes of “Babe-raham Lincoln” had been found in the basement of the White House, and hidden among the president’s effects at the Smithsonian was a telltale box of sanitary napkins. Lincoln, it was disclosed, had married a man (“Take a look at a photo of Mary Todd Lincoln and you’ll be convinced”) and given birth to six children. All this, however, is ho-hum compared with the revelations in the coming film “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” in which our 16th president is, basically, Buffy in a stovepipe hat.

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Dread of death, not love of sex, is why the dead keep rising.