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It has made the rounds that Obamacare will treat abortion like any
other surgery. Or should I say like any other surgery that takes place
in a clinic. It is not exactly treated like tonsils in that if there is
nothing wrong with your tonsils you would be sent home with some pain
pills. You can not go into the doctors office and ask them to take out
your appendix because you don't want it and have the taxpayers pay for

has also made the rounds on the internet that Mount Sinai Hospital
ordered a nurse to assist in a late-term abortion against her willClearly if Obamacare goes through it would be legal for a Doctor or Nurse to use conscience to not assist in the execution of a mass murder who was convicted by trial but unable to use conscience or their fear of God to not end the life of a baby.

Planned Parenthood stands to win big by Obamacare. Rep. Lois Capps one of their supporters will see to that.

Planned Parenthood Honors Congressional Leaders

Rep. Lois Capps quoted by Planned Parenthood: "I've worked with Planned Parenthood since I was a school nurse in California. I am grateful to you all for your work in the community every single day, providing health care for a lot of people who don't get it any other way. I'm delighted to work on your behalf and always will be there with you."

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