Obama Tried to Filibuster Debate!

10/5/12 at 12:08 AM 

Obama Tried to Filibuster Debate!

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The Connecting Link
America's First Official Dictator Unless...

by Rev. Austin Miles

Watching Obama in front of a world-wide television audience without a teleprompter was like watching someone teaching sign language in handcuffs.

It was an awkward exhibition of shadow-boxing and interpretive dancing with indefinable steps as the words he grappled with to articulate floated about on the empty air emanating aimlessly through his clenched teeth.

The emperor had no clothes on for this debate. He was plunged naked on stage without cognitive thoughts or ideas of his own and without the luxury of spoon-fed words of wisdom served by the teleprompter to make him appear knowledgeable.

Under these constraints, Obama faced what he detested most; being in a position to be questioned, challenged and criticized for his failed policies. He cannot stand criticism, and with each challenge, a slow burn engraved the displeasure in the creases of his face. All of his finely-tutored polish and charm could not remove it.

The debate began with Obama telling the world that on this day, he and Michelle celebrate their 20th anniversary. OK, that would have passed. But no, Obama had to elaborate on this personal note in a feeble attempt to win over the viewers

It became a classical study of Pandering 101 as he detailed his love for her that continued growing over the years and(using a substitute normally not seen in these columns) ....yadda...yadda...yadda.

That romantic interlude gobbled up a couple of important debate minutes, even though he really had nothing important to say in what followed anyway.

Four times he stated that Romney would cut $5 Trillion in taxes for the rich, and Romney, who cared nothing for the middle-class would destroy them.

However, each time he did, Romney aggressively cut in to state that this was totally incorrect and strongly re-stated the facts of his plan.

When Obama flailed wildly trying to push this incorrect point once again, TV viewers were ready to throw a can of clam chowder at the screen.

Then Romney told how his five boys would sometimes get into a fuss and one would tell him something about the other, elaborating the details even though false. Then they would repeat the allegations knowing that if one repeats a lie often enough people would begin to believe it, facing and looking Obama in the eye as he said it. Hopefully, someone got a photo of that elaborate slow burn that crept across his tight face...so tight the creases disappeared.

Over and over, Obama charged Romney with not having a plan and not stating how he would correct our economy, yet Romney was doing just that for the entire debate. Obama had absolutely no specific idea on how to put our country back on track. All he did was ramble.

Obama was laid back, bewildered and without his props and ear pieces to inform him about what was being discussed. Then, he resorted to an age-old trick of politics....the filibuster.

He would go on and on about things off topic, including some history about Abraham Lincoln that had nothing to do with the debate. He was frantically sawing the air with his hands in an attempt to throw the entire discussion off track. It didn't work.

He even attempted to name-drop to further his agenda, stating that AARP supported Obamacare. AARP stated today that they had absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare or, politics. Another lie. Actually two lies for the price of one.

As the debate was assessed afterwards, most people said that they would go with Romney, including a couple of democrats and several undecided. They all stated that Obama had no solutions. Romney obviously did. And this was seen on ABC News, not Fox News.

Obama has constantly lied during his forced term. His latest and most egregious lie was in covering up the terror attacks by Al-Qaeda that murdered Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Obama stated that it was positively NOT a terrorist attack, but only an angry reaction from Muslims over a movie clip that was made months ago. America was at fault. Romney, in the meantime, has been truthful.

So here is the choice for America to elect one who will protect us from enemies, keep the economy strong, and bring moral values, which is strength, to the United States, and, keep our children safe.

Here are the two choices. Obama whose lies have put us in danger and no doubt will put us under totalitarian rule, or Romney, who has NOT been known to lie, even during his governorship, loves America and will fight to keep us free. prosperous, and powerful. What is more, he will make certain that being a Christian and worshipping God will not be illegal. Which choice should be made?

END NOTE: The Answer! Al Gore, noted for his scientific expertise especially concerning atmospheric phenomenon advised America why Obama was not effective at last night's debate: "It was the high altitude of Colorado that threw him off," saith he. He was dead serious. Also last night, Chris Matthews of MSNBC was apoplectic over Obama's debate failure. Perhaps that tingle that went up his leg when Obama first entered the race ran back down his leg during the debate.Sanitized wipe anyone?