Obama Should NOT Be One-Term President--Plus Latest Videos

Yes, you read that right and I am very sincere in my opinion. Obama should not be a one-term president. He should not be president at all. He should be removed BEFORE his first term has ended. First of all, we the people did NOT vote him into office. He was PLACED there by Communist Party USA. It was a gentle coup. I have been following the history of this which I will publish later. The Communist Party had been planning this for a long long time. It is that party which actually began stirring up racial strife in America, not only to make all races one (to erase individuality), but also to plant into all Americans, a sense of white guilt over slavery .

To groom a black man for the high office was well calculated for that very reason, to silence anyone who objects to their man maneuvering Marxist goals for America by accusing them of racism.. Notice how the words race hatred comes up everytime someone rightly criticizes "The One" for his 'decisions'  (actually the decisions of the Communist Party USA) that have shown a total lack of logic in every area. for a democracy.

By implementing and developing the white-guilt formula, anyone who objects to what is happening to our country is called 'racist' and worse. Many people are hesitant to show any resistance to Obama's unworkable policies that will doom and bankrupt America, for fear of racist accusations.  Being publicly called a racist for any challenge to Obama's policies will keep people quiet (Marxist trick) which will assure the Communists of keeping their growing power over our country. Eventually, at the rate we are going, elections in the United States of America will be a thing of the past. This is said with somber reality.

Let's take an example of what The One promises.....free education. That means that all of us will be entitled to a full education including university. That of course is part of the package to any country who yields to communism. HOWEVER, this is another LIE from Obama and the Communist Party.

In the early 2000's I was an instructor at a private college with campuses in San Francisco and Sacramento, which worked with students from Russia. I taught English as a second language as well as life skills courses. All of my students (indeed all the students enrolled) had Ph.Ds from Russia but had left the country (which had become uninhabitable) with only the clothes on their backs. One of my students had been a well known dentist in Russia but felt there was no future there for him, his wife and two sons. He gave away his complete library of 4000 books before coming. He could not practice dentistry here so he would have to take a meager entry-level job and work his way up, starting all over. This is what communist rule gives people, a desperation to get away to another country that is free. And, all these students were atheists...until they came here, that is.

Now, here's another look at the Communist Party USA pick for president and his promises: At our Sacramento campus the students were not among the elite of Russia. They were not allowed to go to university or even through high school because they would not renounce their faith in God, despite the intense pressure.  So, early in their lives they had to go to work (remember, in a communist society, THEY choose what kind of job you will have) and the work they were required to do were the most menial labor jobs like cleaning streets, public toilets, hauling trash, cleaning buildlings and some worked in factories. (So THAT, my friends is the "Free Edcuation" and healthcare that Obama promises. If you refuse to renounce God, THEY will do what they want with you. You have no decision of your own to make or no control over your life or destiny.)

These were all Pentecostal Christians and had picked up an international broadcast from a pentecostal church in Sacramento. They marveled at the freedom of religion here, and managed to make their way to California to have the freedom to be a Christian. Happily, our excellent training prepared them to take major mainstream jobs or even delvelop a new career.

It is interesting to note that in the old Soviet Union, the communists held full control over the people, even though only 10% of that vast population were communists. Ten percent of the population dominated, ruled, controlled and terrorized the entire Soviet Union. The same with their satellite countries like Hungary.

The people vastly outnumbered them and could have taken them out,  but their spirits had been broken as they are now trying to accomplish in America as they affected and dumbed down the entire education system, have distorted our history which they plan to totally erase, and have their ACLU (yes,THEIR ACLU) make prayer and all expressions of Christianity removed from society, indeed, illegal. Well, Obama did offer us change, and at least he told the us truth on that one.

The government must shut down immediately and begin the process of impeaching Obama NOW, BEFORE the civil war that is bound to come. It has now been proven beyond doubt that Obama (whom I refuse to call 'president') was not born in America, but in Kenya. Check out worldnetdaily.com for some thorough stories on his lie of citizenship. Again, we did not vote him in. Yes there were votes, but Acorn, another Communist Party USA affiliate filed thousands of fradulent votes including dead people votes in order to shoe-horn him into the Oval Office. I repeat, he was NOT voted in-he was PUT there via a silent coup. This is why I say that Obama must not be a one-term president. He must not be allowed to finish this term. Every week he is at the helm, plunges our country down the Marxist drain further. That, of course is the main plan.  People, arise from your slumber!

Oh yes, the dentist from Russia who was my student: He had taken an entry level job with Bank of America at minimum wage. He had a very thick Russian accent which made it difficult to communicate with him. He went through an intensive English as a Second Language course with me and within.....THREE WEEKS!... his English had improved so dramatically that he was promoted to Vice President of that same bank at a salary of $80,000 a year.

Be sure to read my story: "We Did It!" Communist Party on Obama Care, on this website.

To wind up on a positive note, check out the two latest videos of the Mountain View Christian Center Newscast, links below. Each runs 5 minutes and are well worth the time to see and hear.

Proof of Seed of Greatness in EVERYone. How a Poor Man Affected America http://worthreading.ning.com/video/mvcc-oakley-5?xg_source=msg_appr_video

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Rev. Austin Miles a pastor-chaplain in Northern California is dedicated to bringing America back to its founding principles. He has been behind the Iron Curtain and knows first hand what life under communist rule is like and will stand against America becoming a communist nation..  He will soon be writing a history of Commuism in America which began its planning much earlier than anyone realizes. 

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